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South Korean BL series and drama section – contains series/drama and movie profiles, synopsis, social media mentions, news, and updates about drama projects created by Korean BL production companies and content makers.

Since 2020 with the release of ‘Where Your Eyes Linger’, there are some high-quality South Korean BL series from production companies like Strongberry, Idol Romance, Viki, Watcha, Kakao TV, W Story, Energedic, and many more. Here’s our spotlight article about Korean BL drama series. Here are essential titles worth watching:

  • Long Time No See (2007)
  • To My Star (2021)
  • Where Your Eyes Linger (2020)
  • Blueming (2022) 
  • You Make Me Dance (2021)
  • Light On Me (2022)
  • Semantic Error (2022)

A Shoulder To Cry On – The thin line between love and hate? | Korean BL (2023)

A Shoulder To Cry On – 소년을 위로해줘 is a South Korean BL live-action adaptation based on the Boys Love webtoon written by Dong Mul. It’s about two…

Our Dating SIM – Simulation Romance! – Korean BL (2023)

Our Dating SIM (우리 연애 시뮬레이션) is one of the flagship Korean BL series from Heavenly. It’s reported for release on 9 March 2023 at Viki. Asian PopsicleAn…

The New Employee – The virgin Intern and his Boss! | Korean BL (2023)

From the same production company that gave us Semantic Error, comes The New Employee. This time the setting is in the office of an ad firm and you…

Why R U The Series: Is it Sexually Charged? – Korean BL (2023)

Why R U The Series is a South Korean BL show. It’s Korea’s version of the popular web series from Thailand, of the same name. Asian PopsicleAn old-timer…

Eccentric Romance: Boys’ romance with a thriller! | Korean BL (2023)

Eccentric (Bizarre) Romance, is an up-and-coming Boys’ Love series from South Korea, with a Thai BL actor in the cast – Save Saisawat. It also features Geonu of…

Blueming: Lookism in live-action! | Korean BL (2022)

Blueming (블루밍) is a top-tier Korean BL released in 2022, considered a golden year for boys’ love in conservative Korea. It tells the tale of 2 handsome young…

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner: Finding true love! – Korean BL (2022)

The Director who Buys me Dinner is about reincarnation, and boys love in a fantasy world. What we have are handsome Korean actors, so how can a Boys…

Omega X wins legal battle versus Spire Entertainment

OmegaX and the boys won the first phase of their legal battle! As of 11 January 2023, the South Korean court handling the case against their talent management,…

The Truth About a Cat and a Dog

When I came across this new BL series, Choco Milk Shake, I stopped because of the name. I love milkshakes so I was hooked from the beginning. I…

Happy Ending Romance: A mighty love triangle? – Korean BL (2022)

Happy Ending Romance (a.k.a. Happy Ending Under the Fence) tells the story of a promising and talented writer. He disappears from the spotlight after experiencing bias and unfairness….

Oh My Assistant: Cartoonist and his handsome assistant | Korean BL (2022)

Oh My Assistant (오! 나의 어시님) is a BL series from South Korea. It’s all about the tale of a cartoonist and his interaction with his handsome assistant….

Choco Milk Shake: Sexy fantasy and romance | Korean BL (2022)

Formerly called “Love with Kitty and Doggy” it is now Choco Milk Shake and will be a unique Korean Boys Love series. Whether you’re a pet lover (dog…