At 25:00 in Akasaka (25時、赤坂で) tells the tale of a rookie actor who auditions and cast for the main role in a Boys Love series. His University senior will be his co-star, regarded highly in the industry. Based on the manga series “25ji Akasaka de” by Hiroko Natsuno, Takahiro Horie and Ryo Kawasaki will direct the drama, with the script from Miho Aotsuka and Kumiko Aso.

Where to Watch At 25:00 in Akasaka?

TV Tokyo and GagaOOLala collaborated to broadcast this BL series worldwide. Episode One is expected to be released on 18 April 2024. Stay tuned for the link to its premier episode in this space.

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Yuki Shirasaki (Taisuke Niihara), a rookie actor, is to co-star in a BL drama with Asami Hayama (Kiita Komagine), a popular actor who is his senior at the University. Unable to appreciate or maintain the persona of a gay character, Shirasaki becomes desperate. One fateful day, he goes to a gay bar to explore the dynamics and interaction of gay men. Shirasaki encounters Hayama and agrees to be in a relationship to effectively depict their roles!  [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Cast of Characters

Taisuke Niihara plays rookie actor Yuki Shirasaki

Taisuke Niihara is an upcoming young actor managed by one of Japan’s most influential talent agencies, Amuse. He was cast in a recent BL (supporting role) for Eternal Yesterday. His acting resume comprises over a dozen drama series, including Ao Haru Ride and 17.3 About a Sex.

In the drama At 25:00 in Akasaka, Niihara plays rookie actor Yuki Shirasaki. Shirasaki is an upcoming actor who has yet to learn the tricks of the entertainment industry:

I have appeared in BL works in the past, but my character’s intimate emotions were not depicted. This time I played the role of Shirasaki, who falls in love with his university senpai. I want to be able to express my feelings delicately and completely.


Kiita Komagine, formerly known under the mononym Kiita (きいた), is a Japanese model and actor who portrayed a major character in the Japanese Super Sentai franchise. He was scouted by a famous talent management agency, Horipro when he was just a teenager for his good looks and popularity on Instagram. Komagine also maintains his own YouTube channel showcasing different kinds of videos.

I think At 25:00 in Akasaka will be a big challenge for me. There’s some pressure because it’s based on a popular manga. I will work hard with my co-star Niihara-kun, who plays Shirasaki. We have to properly express the delicate feelings unique to the two actors who got involved romantically.


Author’s Personal Statement

I am happy and honored that what I was drawing alone at my desk has now been delivered to you in a new way – through the talents of many people and that it is a valuable experience. I was surprised because I didn’t think this would be the type of work that would be made into a film, but the production team worked sincerely and carefully to reconstruct the original work so that it would be interesting, I am now watching with excitement as the “25 o’clock in Akasaka” that was on the top gradually becomes a richer three-dimensional image. I’m looking forward to having attractive actors play the characters who sleep, eat, work, and fall in love. I hope that “25 O’clock in Akasaka”, created with the help of many people including readers, will be a work that many people will enjoy. I’m praying at my desk.

Exploring Taiwanese Cuisine as a side-story

According to the official series website of At 25:00 in Akasaka:

The plot follows Yuki Shirasaki (Taisuke Niihara), a rookie chance actor who seizes his during an audition and lands a role opposite the popular senior actor, Asami Hayama (Kiita Komagine), in a BL drama. As Shirasaki grapples with the pressure of his first major role, Hayama proposes that they enter into a “relationship for the sake of their roles” until filming concludes. This pseudo-romantic involvement between them off-screen leads to a poignant and beautifully crafted love story that delves into the complexities of relationships within the entertainment industry and between actors. Further enhancing the cultural exchange, the series will feature the two leading actors exploring traditional Taiwanese night market cuisine. The viewers can experience the diverse flavors of Taiwanese cuisine, serving as an enticing introduction to the beauty of Taiwan.

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