Living with Him (彼のいる生活) is the latest BL series to come out of Japan and is set to premiere on 11th April 2024. NBC Universal Entertainment Japan described their latest offering as a romantic comedy-drama that spotlights the relationship between childhood friends who turn out to be roommates after all.

From the series director of My Personal Weatherman, Ayaka Kato combined with the writing wonders of Takeshi Miyamoto and Koji Nomura, Living With Him takes on a life of its own based on Toworu Miyata’s original manga. The Japanese live-action adaptation is also known as Kare no Iru Seikatsu.

Where to Watch Living with Him?

Living with Him is slated for an 11 April 2024 release and all intents and purposes, GagaOOLala is the streaming site most likely to give it a go! Stay tuned to this space for the link to its premiere episode. It is recommended to use a VPN especially when watching BL series. There are streaming sites like NetFlix, Viki, GagaOOLala, iQIYI, Hulu, Viu, and many others that may limit broadcast reach due to copyright and other legal stuff. A VPN is safe, reliable, and legal.


Tokyo MX | Copyright NBCユニバーサル アジア (2024)


Ryota Natsukawa (Sakai Sho) is starting his University studies and relishes the opportunity to live alone as an independent academic. To his surprise, he learns that he has a roommate – a childhood friend named Kazuhito Tanaka (Sato Ryuga). Reconnecting, Natsukawa discovers that his friend remains single until this time. To dive into the thick of things, he proposes that they go out on a date – with the context of finding an ideal girl for Kazuhito. Yet, despite Natusukawa’s good (and pure) intentions, their relationship abruptly changes as a result of that fateful day. Will their friendship blossom into something deeper and intimate? [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Cast of Characters

Sato Ryuga plays Kazuhito Tanaka

Sato Ryuga is a Kamen Rider lead actor who was cast as Kamen Rider Tycoon. His role in Living with Him is a complete departure from the action-packed Kamen Rider franchise.

Despite Kazuhito’s picture-perfect looks, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Ryota is curious about why this is and attempts to point out his faults from a girlfriend’s point of view.


Sakai Sho portrays Ryota Natsukawa

Sakai Sho is a Japanese social media influencer who transitioned into acting about two years ago. Natsukawa Ryota is his first main role, after playing supporting parts, including a stint in the BL series Takara-kun to Amagi-kun.

After three months on TikTok, Sakai Sho boasts more than 400,000 followers. His videos are cute, loveable takes of himself garnering more than 21 million likes. In 2022, Sho won the first runner-up as an influencer award from the influential Japanese media portal ModelPress.

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