Our Dating SIM (우리 연애 시뮬레이션) is one of the flagship Korean BL series from Heavenly. It’s reported for release on 9 March 2023 at Viki.

Starring Lee Seung Gyu and Lee Jong Hyuk, Our Dating SIM is about two young men who were close friends in school, had a fallout, and years later met at work to create a dating simulation game.


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Lee Wan (Lee Jong Hyuk) and Shin Ki Tae (Lee Seung Gyu) are best friends. At school, they are almost inseparable and are always to be found hanging out together outside the classroom. Lee Wan is also attracted to Shin Ki Tae and wants to start a romantic relationship with him. One day, Lee Wan confesses his feelings to his friend, who is stunned by this. The duo parts on unhappy terms.

Now, seven years later, the two young men are trying to navigate the job market – with varying degrees of success. Shin Ki Tae has become a middle manager at a team leader at a startup gaming company. He has built up a reputation as a programming ace. Lee Wan, meanwhile, has become a keen illustrator. When Shin Ki Tae’s company posts a job ad for an illustrator for a new dating-themed game, Lee Wan comes to the interview. Could romance spark these two the second time around?

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Our Dating SIM
What happens when you meet your best friend after seven years, and you’re collaborating with him to produce a simulation game? | Heavenly

First Impressions

Those who watched the first two episodes already have a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the series. The young actors were adorable, and the plot was just as engaging.

  • Lee Jong Kyuk (as Lee Wan), with a doe-eyed appeal, impresses as the clueless romantic who had a go at his ‘crush’ only to be crushed by what he perceived as a ‘rejection’. Well, it seems that way (for him) anyway. And that office look makes him nerdy-geeky in the most glam way;
  • After years of Lee Wan stealing a kiss from him and then disappearing without a trace, the two finally meet physically, and Lee Seung Gyu (as Shin Ki Tae) looks every bit the competitive gamer and knows precisely what he’ll do to Lee Wan;
  • There are only 8 episodes – 15 minutes each – and that may not be enough for me. I want more!

Main Cast and their Characters

Lee Jong Hyuk, 25, is a model and an actor. He started acting in 2021in the teen drama series No Bother Me. Our Dating SIM is his first foray into boys’ love series.

Lee Seung Gyu, 23, is also an actor-model like his co-star. Our Dating SIM is his first main role and also his first dive into the BL scene.


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