The Director who Buys me Dinner is about reincarnation, and boys love in a fantasy world. What we have are handsome Korean actors, so how can a Boys Love fan desire more? The Director who Buys me Dinner has great dramatic-romantic appeal, another KBL we highly recommend.

The web drama is an adaption of the webtoon of the same name written by Toesa and Yang EunJi. The series is produced by KENAZ, who previously did Blueming.

Where to watch The Director Who Buys Me Dinner?

iQIYI released the series last 15 December 2022. Apparently, there are restrictions depending on your location.

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Teaser | Trailer

Official Trailer/Teaser, The Director Who Buys Me Dinner | KENAZ


Several hundred years ago, Min Yu-dam named a child Seol Dong-Baek (Park Jeong Woo). Then he heard God’s voice, saying that Dong-Baek is “a child of God,” and naming such a child indicated Yu-dam’s desire to challenge God. As a punishment, Yu-dam (Park Young Woon) is forced to love Dong-Baek in each of his lives. He had three previous lives in which he failed to love Dong-Baek, and he is now in his fourth. Yu-dam discovers that Dong-Baek in his current life is one of his company’s newest employees, as well as that he is… a guy!

Dong-Baek has no idea what is going on with Yu-dam. But Yu-dam is direct and asks him out on a date. Yu-dam tries to explain to Dong-Baek his situation during dinner, and Dong-Baek believes his director has gone insane. Will Yu-dam be able to have a relationship with him in this life? [Source: TapComics]

The main cast of The Director Who Buys Me Dinner Jang You Sung, Park Young Woon (in the middle), and Park Jeong Woo | KENAZ


Rating: 4 out of 5.

At first, the two lead characters sort of have little to no onscreen chemistry, at all. However, as the story progresses (that’s about Episode 3), there is a leveling up of warmth, comedic gestures – mostly by Seol Dong-Baek (Park Jeong Woo), and romantic vibes (initiated by the director himself, Park Young Woon). We’re talking about two attractive men who are having dinner, and the fantastical realization that they are supposed to fall in love or die.

Sound gloomy right? Nope! Actually, the series has a good-natured vibe with some funny moments and less antagonistic interaction with the supporting characters. While it becomes a sort of love triangle (with idol co-star Jang You Sung) in the middle of the narrative, it never lost its appeal.

The production value is excellent – it’s tightly edited with smooth transitions from one scene to the next. The cinematography is excellent as well, giving plenty of moods from romance to suspense to exciting confrontations. The period costume (yes, there were scenes from the past!) is commendable as well.

Finally, The Director Who Buys me Dinner has one of the most intense, dramatic, and romantic endings of all 2022 KBLs.

Cast of Characters

South Korean rookie actor Park Jeong Woo plays Dong Baek, an aspiring actor | KENAZ
Park Young Woon plays Min Yu Dam a film director | KENAZ

Park Jeong Woo, playing the new employee, Dong Baek, is a rookie actor. This Korean BL series is his first acting venture. Co-star Park Young Woon is known as a character actor, with a notorious role in The King in Love.

Social Media News

Soompi posted a drama preview, saying:

The upcoming drama will be helmed by Yang Kyung Hee, the director of popular BL dramas such as “The Tasty Florida” and “Kissable Lips.” Yang Eun Ji, the author of the original webtoon, remarked, “I hope the public will enjoy the imaginative fantasy of this office drama, with its not-too-heavy storyline and characters, which will subtly move hearts with its story about memories and relationships.”



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