The Eight Sense is a 2023 South Korean BL web drama about a naive freshman and his senior at a University in Seoul. The cast of The Eighth Sense includes Lim JiSub and Oh JunTaek, with Inu Baek and Werner du Plessis handling the script and direction.

Where to Watch The Eight Sense?

The Eight Sense has 10 episodes of at least 30 minutes each. The series is streaming at Viki. It’s highly recommended to use a VPN especially when watching BL series. There are streaming sites like NetFlix, Viki, GagaOOLala, iQIYI, Hulu, Viu, and many others that may limit broadcast reach due to copyright and other legal stuff. A VPN is safe, reliable, and legal.


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Description: Check out our special Directors’ release of Escape by Castlefield, which was partially used in Episode 1. You’ll notice a visually distinct style that perfectly matches the vibe of The Eighth Sense.


Ji Hyun (Oh Jun Taek) is a freshman at a university in Seoul. He comes from a small rural town and is used to living in the quiet countryside. He struggles to form meaningful relationships, and moving to the busy South Korean capital has left him feeling disorientated and confused. The older Jae Won (Im Ji Sub), meanwhile, is now returning to Seoul – and the same university – after completing his mandatory military service.

The duo starts to develop a mutual curiosity about one another. But things begin to escalate when Ji Hyun joins the same surfing club that Jae Won attends. Their bond begins to deepen as Ji Hyun discovers a love of surfing and the sea. When the surfing club embarks on a journey, the duo finds themselves together alone – and share a kiss. Later, though, Jae Won begins to act as if nothing happened between them. Is this just a fleeting attraction…or the love of a lifetime?

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Full Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The indie vibes of this BL series ring so very true – an engaging storyline that may appear generic, yet there is passion and compassion at every corner. The technical side – from editing to cinematography to sound and music – feels like there is so much love that’s put into it. I was on point when the directors themselves confirmed what kind of effort and dedication was put into the series production.

  • The raw and gritty acting of the lead, Lim JiSub, a handsome actor with spontaneity and humor. His chemistry with co-star Oh Jun Taek looks and feels so authentic;
  • South Korean creative Inu Baek and German indie filmmaker Werner du Plessis team up to produce an elegant, compassionate, yet raw and unassuming BL series that works at so many levels;
  • After watching episodes one and two, already brought so many memories of young love, first love, and the struggles that go with a passionate and intense romance, the outcome of which remains hidden and highly anticipated;
  • Episodes three and four offer more insights into the developing relationship between Ji Hyun and Jae Won. While Ju Hyun is being bullied by Jae Won’s ex-girlfriend, Jae Won is revealing himself as struggling with a mental health issue. The acting of the leads and the supporting characters were all commendable, with Im Ji Sub, particularly noteworthy. I find his role delineation effective, fresh, and engaging. I love that both lead actors are showing different sides of their characters in such determined and exciting ways!
  • The rest of the episodes were fast-paced. Yet there is an order to the events that led to their alienation and eventual togetherness – despite the odds. The themes of bullying, betrayal, and mental health were tackled in an almost clinical way. The emotions were controlled yet it made the scenes more powerful and relatable. It’s more than just a romantic love story between two independent yet struggling individuals with their own demons to conquer.


Below are selected scenes from the BL series, The Eight Sense:

Main Cast

Lim JiSub (24) debuted as an actor in 2019 in the web drama “Do With All Your Heart Today” and has appeared in other dramas such as “Love Revolution”.

In The Eight Sense, he plays Jae Won, a senior at the University where Ji Hyun (Oh Jun Taek) is also taking classes. He finishes his military service, as most eligible South Koreans do, in deference to his country. He has a complicated relationship with a female senior and officer of the student club they both managed.

Oh Jun Take (22) is a fresh, and quite naive student, but eloquent enough when in conversation with Jae Won. He silently pursues the senior guy with a surprisingly ambivalent attitude. He appears so naive about how to do this romantic endeavor, that he becomes clumsy yet adorable.

The Eight Sense and Social Media

It was previously announced that both directors – Inu Baek and Werner du Plessis – have taken over the series’ YouTube community and have been releasing new materials and commentaries about the series. Check it out here!

Join the fun and participate in the Poll at The Eight Sense YT community!


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