Why R U The Series is a South Korean BL show. It’s Korea’s version of the popular web series from Thailand, of the same name.

News about the possible Korean version of Why R U The Series started to gain traction during the second half of 2022. Sunset Studio, the production company behind Blue of Winter, provides ‘feelers’ for the new show. Two actors from the original Thai web series are attached to the upcoming project. They are supporting characters of the Thai version – Max Kornthas and Nat Natasitt.


Two students – a wise guy and an emotional and sensitive fellow – began interacting based on suspicion and mistrust. Another student couple – a popular musician and a mischievous sci-fi author – discover that they are characters in an ongoing BL fiction, written by the writer’s sister. The fictional story is unknown to both or authorized. As the lives of the four students intersect, they soon discover common traits and feelings. Will animosity and mistrust turn to love and romance? [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Leading the main cast is Lee Jung Min (from Blue of Winter) who is also a professional male model. Other actors in the cast are rookies Lee Ye Hwan, Park Chang Hoon, and Lee Sang Min.

Accordingly, Moving Pictures’ Korean version enters post-production as of this writing. Yet, the actors’ roles are not yet made public. While the Thai original is an hour+ long per episode, the Korean version is 8 episodes of 30-minute duration.

Moving Pictures successfully produced the Korean BL dramas Wish You and Kissable Lips.


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Why RU Thai BL Series
Why RU: Thai Version

A Reddit page (known as a hotbed for BL opinions and discussion) is already abuzz about the series. One member is already shooting it down, and opines that South Korea may produce a “sanitized version” since: “Why R U had a lot of steamy kisses and sex scenes, I don’t see South Korea going there yet.” Some others are having a wait-and-see attitude for now.

I’m more into who will play Zee and Saint among the four Korean actors. My review of the original Why RU, Series is more positive than some. I think that it offers more than just sexually-charged scenes. The acting of the four main actors is good, but not exceptional given the characters they portray. The Korean version needs to cast actors who can be funny and serious (as the script requires) and comfortable doing intimate scenes. I hope they get a competent director. The series’s success largely depends on the direction and control of newbie actors – some of whom may be overacting or underacting, whatever the case.

I have high hopes for Lee Jung Min since he did one BL series already, and most male models are comfortable doing revealing scenes. Some fashion photoshoots can be suggestive and sexual in nature. I’m sure he knows what to expect, given that Why R U The Series has a sexually-charge reputation.

Psycho-Weird is doing a Stalker series on Korean BL actors, and Lee Jung Min is part of the post. You can watch the Thai original web series at Viki.