Starstruck (스타스트럭) is a Korean BL series about two childhood friends, one of whom has deep feelings for the other. The lead roles go to SF9’s Baek JooHo (Zuho), and Kim InSeong.


Reports from the Korean entertainment portal Naver sum up the casting process of the upcoming Korean Bl series, Starstruck.

Reports have it that there was ‘fierce’ competition due to many rising young actors and up-and-coming rookies attending the audition. Most of them target the lead roles. However, the entertainment site did not mention any names, among those ‘rising stars’ who joined the audition.

Cast and Production Crew

Park Seon-Jae and Kim Hoon-Kwang direct Star Struck. The script is written by Jeong Hyun-woo and is based on the popular web novel ‘StarStruck’ by author Ha Tae-jin. The producer is ‘I Will Media’. Naver further reports that the source material boasts of a strong fandom who admire the realistic depiction of the main characters. The Series is expected to be released in the first half of 2023.

As of June 4, six episodes have already been released, with two more to complete the show. Episode 1 (and succeeding episodes) can be seen (via subscription) at GagaOOLala.

The actors who were cast to play the lead roles are SF9’s Baek Joo-ho (Zuho), Kim In-Seong, Park Tae-in, Kwon San, Lee Sang Min, Chae Soo-ah, and Kim Yubin.


Jo Yoo Jae (Zuho) and Seo Han Joon (Kim In Sung) have been friends since middle school and share dreams of attending the same university. They enjoy their time together, filled with joy and happiness. Han Joon has secretly loved Yoo Jae from the start, but he’s too afraid to confess his feelings. Being close to Yoo Jae matters to him, regardless of the time or his mood. However, their uncomplicated love takes a different path when Han Joon decides to open up about his true thoughts and emotions.


Starstruck: Controversy

One of the lead stars (from SF9), Zuho responded to a homophobic comment from a fan and said:

Whatever drama, whatever projects, or job, whatever it is. Everything that exists in this world… everything is precious. I really want to experience a lot of things and want to try many types (of roles) on stages and elsewhere, so it’s wrong to treat anything with prejudice. Everything is precious and should receive love. I’m just thankful for those who love me – as a person and as an actor. There’s nothing we should draw a line around and prejudice it.

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