My Love Mix-Up (เขียนรักด้วยยางลบ) is the latest on-screen collaboration between two of GMMTV’s most exciting and sought-after young actors Fourth Nattawat and Gemini Norawit. Popularly known as Gemini-Fourth, the duo continues the tradition set by My School President by featuring a full-blown school romance in a BL setting.

Known in Thai as Khian Rak Duai Yanglop (My Love Mix-Up! เขียนรักด้วยยางลบ) is adapted from the manga “My Love Mix-Up!” (消えた初恋) written by Hinekure Wataru (ひねくれ渡) and illustrated by Aruko (アルコ).


The Japanese live-action adaptation is one of the most engaging and non-toxic BLs available on Netflix, therefore, I have high expectations for this upcoming Thai adaptation. I’m sold out with the cast, and it’s just a matter of how faithful it will be with the original materials.

Where to Watch My Love Mix-Up?

My Love Mix-Up! is expected to be released by GMMTV on its official YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the link to its premier episode in this space. It’s highly recommended to use a VPN especially when watching BL series. There are streaming sites like NetFlix, Viki, GagaOOLala, iQIYI, Hulu, Viu, and many others that may limit broadcast reach due to copyright and other legal stuff. A VPN is safe, reliable, and legal.


My Love Mix-Up! tells the tale of the unassuming, energetic but shy Atom (Fourth Nattawat) who has a secret crush on the girl sitting right next to him in class. An incident takes place where Atom borrows her eraser and finds out she has a crush on another boy – Kongthap (Gemini Norawit). In a twist of fate, Kongthap saw the eraser with his name and thought Atom had a crush on him! [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Cast of Characters

The Thai live-action adaptation is the third on-screen collaboration of the popular Thai BL ship GeminiFourth who made two of the more recent successful and acclaimed BL series from Thailand – My School President and Moonlight Chicken.

Fourth Nattawat plays Atom

The original manga characterization of Aoki (Atom in the Thai version) describes the boy as “an energetic and airhead character”.

Aoki (Atom) is regarded as an awkward but dramatic character and can sometimes be a handful. He sees himself as a bubbly, yet cowardly person, having no experience when it comes to love. This, however, doesn’t stop him from being friendly and helpful to other people, almost to the point of meddling with other classmates’ personal affairs, as said by Ida. Regardless, his academic performance on the other hand can be said as lacking and poor – his grades “barely crawling on the ground” as said by his mother. While he doesn’t have much interest in anything, he has a passion for cooking and baking, often working in part-time jobs related to food.

character profile of atom (aoki) | yaoi wiki

By the looks of it, the Thai adaptation will not deviate so much from the original character. Aoki (Atom) fits Fourth Nattawat‘s on-screen persona in that he appears to be energetic and kind. People often underestimate the level of Fourth’s acting depth but he has proven time and again that he can play difficult and playful characters quite well. The young Thai actor signed with GMMTV after winning their contest, “Thailand School Star 2019.”

Gemini Norawit portrays Kongthap

Reserved yet capable of expressing himself with a high level of honesty, Ida (Kongthap) appears to be the ideal boy for Atom.

Ida (Kongthap) is a high school student who belongs to the volleyball club. He has an orderly and direct personality, often saying what he thinks. He is unfamiliar with love and doesn’t understand the “feeling of falling in love with someone”. However, for reasons unknown to himself, he begins to arouse feelings for Aoki (Atom).

character profile of ida (kongthap) | yaoi wiki

Gemini Norawit participated in the reality TV show “Thailand School Star 2019,” where he finished as one of the finalists. Since then, Gemini has been signed under GMMTV. Before joining the entertainment industry, Gemini participated in singing workshops and performed in a few events such as school fairs. Similarly, Gemini has an impressive acting range which he has proven as he tackles different roles in My School President and Moonlight Chicken.

Also portraying supporting characters (as in the Japanese version) are Chokun Puttipong (Harp), Sungpao Ochiris, and Pahn Pathitta (Matmee).

Chokun Puttipong and Pahn Pathitta play major characters Harp and Matmee

Chokun Puttipong is an emerging Thai TikToker and has recently signed up with GMMTV to pursue an acting career. His role in the series as Harp is the Japanese counterpart played by Suzuki Jin – and will eventually pursue Matmee (Pahn Pathitta) as a romantic ideal.

The original Japanese live-action adaptation of Kieta Hatsukoi (2021) starring Michieda Shunsuke and Meguro Ren is currently available on Netflix.

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