Eccentric (Bizarre) Romance, is an up-and-coming Boys’ Love series from South Korea, with a Thai BL actor in the cast – Save Saisawat. It also features Geonu of JustB fame.



Reporter Jiyoon Choi ( | Naver News [interpretation by the author]

Eccentric Romance, which has recently been filmed, is about to be released on overseas platforms.

The story is the most significant difference between Korean BL dramas (vis a vis Thai BL). Rather than simply focusing on the love between men, KBL adds fun by introducing various materials such as ghosts, murder cases, and dogs. Bizarre Romance is a youth romance between serious ‘Seong-hoon’ (Yoon Jun-won) and a bubbly and charming ‘J’ (Save Saisawat). Facing a mysterious murder case, the process of finding the culprit will level up their relationship.

Eccentric Romance, starring Save Saisawat and Yoo Jun Won is up next! | Hanyang Studio


Seong Hoon (Yoon Jun-won) and J (Save Saisawat) have been friends for almost a decade. They are both hiding their feelings from each other – which is to say, they both feel ‘more than friends’ and currently ‘less than lovers’. They enter the same university and take standard art classes together. However, the two heard about the recent murder in the city. On that day, a man named Jin Wook (Go Byung Wan) appeared. Is he related to the crime?


Save Saisawat’s Interview

It’s been like 4 to 5 years since BL dramas started gaining popularity in Thailand. BL actors are more popular than actors who appear in regular dramas, and they shoot a lot gaining plenty of publicity and adoration from fans. There are actors who specialize in BL due to the lucrative BL market in Thailand. If newcomers want to become famous, they shoot BL dramas. There is almost no objection to the BL genre – frequently called Y-Drama and there’s a strong female fanbase who likes this genre.

Eccentric Romance: Thai actor Save Saisawat plays one of the main characters.
Says Save Saisawat: “Eccentric Romance is a mixture of a thriller genre and there are very few BL stories like this in Thailand. It was a new experience for me.

Saisawat continues:

Thai BL dramas focus a lot on the relationship between the two main characters. Eccentric Romance is a mixture of a thriller genre and there are very few BL stories like this in Thailand. It was a new experience for me.

Eccentric Romance on Social Media

Some photos outside the Eccentric Romance filming | @May9204


Eccentric Romance ranks high on our list of anticipated Korean BL series, together with A Shoulder to Cry On.

South Korea already produced great BL titles – you may browse a selection from this article. There are also upcoming series including The Director who buys me Dinner, Choco Milk Shake, and Once Again.

This is a continuous coverage of the Korean BL drama Eccentric Romance. News and updates will be posted once they become available.