Loveable, funny, and a bit disturbing, Yarichin Bitch Club mixes different ingredients for a scandalous and romantic watch in a typical school setting that is far from – typical.

Yarichin Bitch Club – ヤリチン☆ビッチ部 ( also as “Playboy Slut Club”) is a Japanese web manga series written and illustrated by Ogeretsu Tanaka. Yarichin Bitch Club has been self-published on Pixiv since 2012, and in 2016 it received a print publication by Gentosha. In 2018, the webcomic also received two original animated videos by Grizzly, released direct-to-DVD.

Rumors have it that the anime will have 3 or more episodes. Currently, there are only two available and if you are not in the mood for doing a waiting game then you may feel a bit frustrated. No news on the release of the final episode(s) – unless someone has privy to its schedule. If anyone knows, please post a comment below.


Takashi Toono was unsure what to expect when he transferred to Morimori Academy. However, it’s no different from any other boys’ school, and since he entered halfway through the year, he feels like an outcast—until the bright and friendly Kyousuke Yaguchi introduces himself.

Due to the school’s compulsory club policy, Toono chooses to join the low-effort “Photography Club,” but the club is not what it seems. Nicknamed the “Yarichin Bitch Club,” its members offer sexual services to pent-up boys at the academy—for no reason other than a love of sex. At Toono’s side throughout his ordeal is Yaguchi, as well as Yuu Kashima—a fellow transfer student and club member who shares Toono’s predicament.


I saw Yarichin Bitch Club way back years ago, and upon this viewing, I’m immediately transported back to this crazy, fun place where boys kissing boys is not a big deal. That’s because BL and yaoi were not in the mainstream spotlight yet. The manga features a lot of interesting characters and it’s sad that there seems to be no ‘push’ to explore them in anime form.

MAL’s Nekochat2 review was spot on in my opinion:

This is not Junjou Romantica. This is not a sweet romcom with some tasteful love scenes. This is smut and crack with a little bit of rom-com plot on the side. I really enjoyed watching this OVA and ended up reading the manga because I was caught off guard by the cliffhanger ending. That being said, this show is probably an acquired taste.

Review at My Anime List
Scene from the anime featuring Toono and Kashima after making out.

What gets me going is the dynamics between Toono and Kashima. I wanted more. Kashima’s ‘pretend rescue’ and subsequent making-out scene with Toono is delightful and funny, given the circumstances. Yaguchi’s insistence to have Toono sleepover gives me some creepy-crazy vibes. Knowing that Kashima and Yaguchi are cousins paves the way for a ‘rivalry’ and Yaguchi targets Toono for his revenge against Kashima. What happens next is up for speculation, but it gave me the drive to read the manga and find out for myself.

Newbies to yaoi will be shocked by the graphic nature of the 2 videos, but for yaoi fans of yesteryears, these are quite hilarious – as is the intention of the author. The cliffhanger ending, indeed, forces viewers to abandon the whole anime stuff or gives them the impetus to dive into the manga source and start devouring those delectable pages!

Overall rating: 6.5 out of 10