Is there a concerted effort to bring down the acting career of Ohm Pawat?

That appears to be the case. Certain companies are taking Ohm out of the advertising and branding games, and his management at GMMTV is not doing anything about it. What seems to be the problem?

In Part One of this article, we examined the details of Ohm’s previous bullying incident when he was in elementary school. This specific incident is being used by people on social media to attack him. Certain sectors of Thai society argued that his apology is not sincere and demanded that he went out of his way and apologize again.

Ohm Pawat’s latest apology

Last April 2023, Ohm Pawat apologized again.

I apologize again. I will not go back to being the bad Ohm. I know that we cannot go back to the past and fix it. But I promise that it won’t happen again. Thank you for all your support and understanding.

Ohm pawat latest apology on the bullying incident

The apology appears to fall on deaf ears as Ohm continues to draw flak on social media. Particularly, in Thailand where people are reported to have been peeved by the South Korean drama The Glory, and citing it as an example of why bullies should never be tolerated.

Yet, when certain Thai actors made mistakes. They were easily ‘forgiven and forgotten’ Why is that? A few Thai locals said, “Bullying is different from mere pranks or the use of inappropriate language, thus they should be forgiven, but Ohm – we simply cannot.” So what should Ohm do? They remained silent.

Ohm’s international fans and what’s their outtake?

International fans were quick to point out that if GMMTV (Ohm’s management) acted early and posted some explanation, these hate and bitter arguments could have been avoided.

I have tried contacting GMMTV, I have e-mailed them, constantly tweeted them, have dm’d them, and have tweeted the manager. I have tried everything humanly possible to get their attention to help Ohm with the bullying and online hate he is receiving. They greeted me with silence, many have taken up to help me tweet, we have been doing it for a while now. GMMTV needs to have better management, they need to hear the fans when we try to speak to them. They needed to take action the day this information hit, instead of letting it fester and grow out of control. A statement, explaining that the issue was taken care of when he was a child, that he was reprimanded. he apologized to the child and the parents, the school was involved and his parents were also. With the info that I was given, it all was done properly. So this should not have gotten out of control, there is a video where he spoke up about being a naughty kid in school, and how he learned that it was wrong what he did. He learned and grew, and made sure he changed his thinking and grew into the amazing person he is today. This could all have been avoided if GMMTV had taken action immediately.

Bl00DCrystalDragon333, Amazon author, a single parent and ohm fan.

I interviewed another writer and Ohm fan who stated:

Extremely unprofessional (GMMTV) and you can tell they have no department that handles these kinds of issues. They very much believe that ignoring will solve everything and the public will eventually forget. Ohm’s situation should have been solved as soon as the news hit in January, but they allowed it to fester and boil. They should have put out a statement as soon as the news hit and had a press conference that week.

Double Savage of Matcha, writer and ohm fan

Why the silence on the part of GMMTV?

When a group of Thai female vloggers did a segment featuring Ohm, the demand to delete such a segment was instantaneous. Reports indicate that the locals were not pleased to see Ohm getting an interview. That segment was taken out from the final video.

A company that featured Ohm as a brand ambassador also made a ‘business decision’ and took Ohm Pawat out of their branding and ad schemes.

While both these incidents are not directly connected with GMMTV, there is this sense of urgency that when something bad is happening to a talent, his management ought to carry out an action – if not legally – at least defend the talent from the negativity.

A good case in point is when Japanese actor Haruma Miura (Attack on Titan, Crow Zero 2) took his life (by apparent suicide), certain members of the Japanese press speculated and insinuated something malicious about his death. His talent management immediately took action and warned legal action against the spread of malicious information about the actor.

Miura’s agency, Amuse Inc., names, and shames over false rumors about the late actor’s death:

In a rare move by a major entertainment company, the agency representing the late actor Haruma Miura is naming and shaming the media spreading misinformation online about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Miura, a popular actor best known for his roles in live-action film adaptations of the popular manga series “Attack on Titan” and “Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You,” killed himself last year. He was 30.

His agency, Amuse Inc., listed on its official website some of the online media, including e-books and social media posts, being used to spread unfounded rumors about his death, including a blog post alleging that he was killed by the CIA.

report by YOHEI GOTO/ Senior Staff Writer for the Asahi shimbun.

Thai talent and member of GOT7 Bambam suffered a similar incident when he was attacked on social media recently. His management agency also warned of legal action against the spreader of false information and malicious rumors.

What’s taking GMMTV so long to respond then? The argument goes that since there is a huge negative backlash against the actor, GMMTV was ‘advised’ to remain silent and let the storm takes its course. The bullying incident report was revived last January 2023 and it remains a hot topic today 5 months in the running.

Comparatively, when Amuse, Inc. (Miura’s agency) and ABYSS Company (Bambam’s talent management) made their announcements, there was an apparent, ceasing of the noise.

What is Ohm Pawat’s sphere of influence?

Before that, let’s see what fans have to say:

I think Ohm has something that cannot be defined. A je ne sais quoi if you will. I’ve seen many beautiful and talented actors, but he has something that makes the viewer pause. His stage presence is extremely strong and when he’s in the scene you either wish you were his partner or you wish you could be him. I remember when I first started following him, I saw one of his solo live events and automatically felt that he had something really special about him and that he would go far. That “thing” plus his exceptional acting just made it easy for me to be his fan. Ohm deserves all the love and support because his true fans know that what he did at 12 does not define the amazing and wonderful man that he is today. He has shown growth in various ways and in different actions. You can see examples of this growth from his charity work on his 18th and 19th birthdays to reading interviews with people about his sincerity and kindness.


Ohm Pawat has the ability to bring out the best in the people around him. He is very sincere, and he loves to help with any and everything, that he can help with. Many that surround him, family and friends have nothing but good things to say about him. To me, they know his character way more than a stranger would. He has not disappointed me as a fan in any way. We are all human, we need to understand actors, singers, and actresses all make mistakes. It is our human side. Ohm has a huge heart, he is really good to his fans, he can remember them, even if he has just met them once, which means he pays attention to people. To me, he is admirable, and kind, and his acting has matured so much, I am impressed by all he has done in his life for a 23-year-old. He is worth the time to take to get to know him as a person.

Bl00DCrystalDragon333, Amazon author, a single parent and ohm fan.

Ohm Pawat’s rise to fame started when he was cast in the BL series Make It Right, he then went on to star in He’s Coming to Me (with award-winning actor Singto Prachaya) and then drew a massive following with Bad Buddy Series (together with acclaimed actor Nanon Korapat).

As a brand ambassador, endorser, and celebrated actor, Ohm Pawat positively influences people to buy the products he endorses, while providing entertainment in fan meets and events.

It goes without saying that anyone who replaces him as a brand ambassador or endorser or gets cast in movies or TV series, will benefit and likewise earn money instead of Ohm. Who wouldn’t do that in this BL cutthroat business?

Resistance is futile

Ohm fans continue to ask and speculate, what should Ohm do to turn this culture of hate and rejection around? It has now become apparent that no amount of apology would appease certain people.

As I interviewed one of his fans who said: I feel that we as International fans, understand that he was a child, and he corrected his behavior, by apologizing, and the parents were aware, as was the school. He also mentioned it in an interview before that he knew he was wrong, and has grown from the incident. We as International fans believe he should not be held responsible for his actions, since he was a child, and corrected himself. Also about his apology, the victim was not the one asking for the apology, it was an acquaintance. To me his apology was sincere, since he had apologized to the victim when the incident happened, and he posted an apology on his Twitter account, and still netizens were not satisfied, going on to harass and bully him and his family online. Abusing their power for an apology, in order to throw hate, death threats, and rumors, attacking his character, trying to slander him, and destroy his reputation.

In Part Three, we offer the case for Ohm Pawat.