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Takumi-Kun, the legendary Boys Love series of the early 2000s is having a 6th movie. That was the buzz last October 2022 when we first broke the news. After six months, the production company Culture Publishers releases some gorgeous photos and a teaser. The movie is a re-telling (remake) of Takumi-Kun, a completely original production, with a new and fresh cast to play the famous characters.

The movie was reportedly released in Japan last May 27, 2023. International release or broadcast is yet to be finalized, but DVD and Blu-ray versions are now available for purchase.

Latest Updates

A teaser trailer has been released! The movie also has an official website!

The popular BL novel, which has sold over 5 million copies in total, will be turned into a new series of movies!
“Takumi-kun Series The morning of the beginning of a long, long story.


Takumi-kun Series: 1st casting
First Cast of Takumi-kun Series (2007)

Set in Shidou Gakuen, an all-boys boarding school up in the mountains, Takumi Kun encompasses all other BL movies, in its ambition and scope. With an array of exciting and promising young actors, breathtaking locations, a memorable and poignant musical score, and stories that explore the beauty and pain of young love.

Takumi-Kun may be considered a trailblazer for being simply the best of its kind. This is from an original post at Psycho-Drama.

Shinobu Goto’s novel will be made into a new live-action film. It will be released in Japanese theaters in 2023 and probably in a few months internationally (via different streaming platforms). Kadokawa, a production company that produces BL in Japan, will make this movie available outside Japan.

Says the author:

This year marks the 30th anniversary of my debut as a novelist, and I am honored to announce that the sixth film in the Takumi-kun series will be made. After so many years, it is nothing but an honor for me to be able to make a new movie again as the original author. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of Takumi-kun world will be created with the new cast.

News article from Japanese Entertainment portal Natalie, edits by the author.

The new movie stars Shion Morishita as Takumi Hayama, and Daigo Kato as Giichi Saki, Takumi’s lover.

Takumi-Kun Series: Milestones

Takumi-kun Series: 2nd Casting (2009-2011)
Second Cast of Takumi-kun Series (2009-2011)
  • The Takumi-kun series is successful during its run. It becomes one of the most popular yaoi novels. In 2007, the novel series sold a cumulative total of 4 million copies. By 2016, the novels had sold a cumulative total of 5 million copies.;
  • A stage play adaptation of Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite ran in December 2009. The DVD was released on April 16, 2010;
  • Hamao Kyousuke and Daisuke Watanabe participated in several fan meetings. They can be considered the first BL ship;
  • Takumi-kun Series: Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite was released in 2007, with the main cast Yanagishita Tomo as Takumi and Keisuke Kato as Giichi. This is Takumi kun Series 1;
  • Takumi-kun Series: Niji-iro no Glass (2009), Takumi-kun Series: Bibō no Detail (2010), and Takumi-kun Series: Ano, Hareta Aozora (2011) center on Takumi-Gaiichi, with Hamao Kyousuke and Daisuke Watanabe as main cast. This is Takumi kun Series 2-5;
  • Takumi-kun Series: Pure (2010) is a spin-off.;
  • The movie is already called ‘Takumi kun Series 6’;
  • Director Kenji Yokoi took over the 2nd to 5th movies and returns to manage the upcoming 6th film slated for 2023.


Takumi Hayama has a painful past. He suffers from the ‘human phobia syndrome’ due to an incident when he was a young boy. Entering an exclusive boys’ school up in the mountains is something he never aspires to. He’s regarded by his classmates as unapproachable, dull, and lacking the social graces of most students. The only person who thinks otherwise is Giichi Saki, or simply Gii. Saki happens to be the most popular boy in school. He’s also rich and often goes to the United States for vacation. They became roommates, which made Takumi the subject of envy and jealousy.

Then, all of a sudden, Gii declares his love for Takumi. Shocked by the sudden gesture, Takumi confronts his inner demons and enters a new phase in life and love. [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Takumi Kun 6
Shion Morishita and Daigo Kato play Takumi and Giichi in the latest Takumi-kun movie | Culture Publishers

Takumi-kun Series 6 Casting

The role of Takumi Hayama is given to 19-year-old rookie Shion Morishita, The role is Morishita’s debut in the entertainment industry. He is known for uploading popular TikTok videos. Here’s what Morishita has to say about playing Takumi:

I have the opportunity to play Hayama Takumi. With the support of Director Yokoi, my co-stars, and everyone on set, I was able to successfully create this work. Takumi and I are from the same hometown, blood type, and height, and we have a lot in common in terms of personality, so I was able to empathize with him as I played him. I would like you to pay attention to the change in the sense of distance between Takumi, who suffers from human contact aversion and distances himself from the people around him, and Giichi.

Statements of shion morishita taken from the movie’s official website

The role of Giichi Saki, the boyfriend of Hayama, is played by 22-year-old Daigo Kato, best known as Jyushi Aimono in the Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle stage plays. Kato is affiliated with Watanabe Entertainment. Says Kato:

It’s my first movie. And it’s my first starring role. It was a very important role for me to play. I would be happy if I could convey the charm of Guy (Giichi) and the charm of the Takumi-kun series to everyone. This was my first time meeting Morishita-kun, but we quickly became friends and the filming went smoothly. It was a truly wonderful experience thanks to Mr. Goto and everyone involved in this film.

Quotes from Daigo Kato taken from the movie’s official website

Goto states that the high school arc of the Takumi-kun series has been filmed already. The end of the story has been revealed. He also says that the college student arc and the working adult edition continue to be conceptualized and written. And that “this 6th movie is based on the complete version.”

Shinobu Goto: Personal Statements

Goto reveals that he requested director Yokoi to continue with the series, and cast the actors. Following is Goto’s personal statement regarding the 6th movie:

Currently, live-action BL works are flourishing not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries. As the original author, it is nothing but an honor for the baton to be handed over and a new movie to be made again after many years. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of world Takumi will create with the new cast. I would like everyone to look forward to it, and I would like you to support the Takumi-kun series with the new cast.

News article from Japanese Entertainment portal Natalie, edits by the author.

Gorgeous photos featuring the main cast!

  • Takumi Kun 6


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  1. Dennis Cambly

    Why bother doing a remake of a rare gem in BL/gay cinema? I’ve never cared much when director’s don’t want to pay for writers and toss out a remake.

    • Asian Popsicle

      Same thoughts when I first heard about the remake of LoveSick of Thailand. In the case of Takumi Kun, it’s the same director and the writer actually wanted to ‘redo’ the whole thing. It’s reported to be 3 installments so there are 2 more movies to show.

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