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Eternal Yesterday: Tragic romance comes to life – Japanese BL (2022)

Eternal Yesterday – 永遠の昨日 stars Komiya Rio and Inoue Sora. It’s a notable live-action adaptation from Japan that features a dark BL theme. “Life and death, sex and…

Takara-kun & Amagi-kun: Young Love, Sweet Love | Japanese BL (2022)

As many have said, opposites attract. In the case of Takara-kun & Amagi-kun, the latest Japanese BL series to hit Asia, such a premise sounds like a cliche….

Grand Guignol: Bloody Gore and Pretty Boys – Japanese BL (2022)

Grand Guignol is an original Horror-Boys Love movie by director Hashimoto Hajime. It stars two previously billed BL actors Komiya Rio and Sota Ryosuke. Asian PopsicleAn old-timer BL…