Tag: Japanese BL 2023

Takumi-kun Series: Groundbreaking BL is back for a 6th movie! – Japanese Movie (2023)

Takumi-Kun, the legendary Boys Love series of the early 2000s is having a 6th movie. That was the buzz last October 2022 when we first broke the news….

The End Of The World, With You – Love lost and gained? – Japanese BL (2023)

From the producers of the highly acclaimed Pornographer comes a new Apocalyptic romantic BL drama entitled The End of the World, With You. Directed by Miki Koichiro, it…

Jack o’ Frost: Sweet, Lost Memories! – Japanese BL (2023)

The human mind is a fascinating mystery! With this premise, the Japanese BL series Jack o’ Frost builds upon the memory of Okusawa Ritsu as he lost it,…