Tag: Japanese BL 2022

Eternal Yesterday: Tragic romance comes to life – Japanese BL (2022)

Eternal Yesterday – 永遠の昨日 stars Komiya Rio and Inoue Sora. It’s a notable live-action adaptation from Japan that features a dark BL theme. “Life and death, sex and…

More than Words: Critically acclaimed drama – Japanese BL (2022)

A deepening relationship between two men who went against the tide of public perception, as seen from the eyes of a female friend in all sensibilities and candor….

Old-Fashioned Cupcake – オールドファッションカップケーキ (2022)

Old-Fashioned Cupcake is about two corporate guys who decided to act like cutesy school girls to practice anti-aging exercises. Unbeknownst to the senior guy who’s boss, his handsome…