The thing with finding the right English title for a Japanese manga or anime is – more often than not – lost in translation. In the case of Sukiyanen Kedo Dou Yaro ka (or simply SukiDoya), the given English title of Although I Love You, and You? sounds a bit pathetic. But the show is nothing but. It’s fresh and sexy, hilarious (even) with dramatic scenes making it both engaging and intriguing.

The repeated sauna bath scenes are to die for! Hideyoshi Kan has this lithe, athletic body that looks so dreamy and appealing! That alone makes this BL drama worth a watch.

Where to Watch Sukiyanen Kedo Dou Yaro ka?

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A health buff, small restaurant owner Matsumoto Sakae (Hideyoshi Kan) falls for divorced salary man Soga Hisashi (Jun Nishiyama). Set in Osaka, Japan Soga felt alienated due to his relocation. However, Sakae’s food and offer of friendship made his stay bearable and even fun. Yet, such an offer of friendship is a precursor to Sakae’s real intention. The fact that Sakae’s former boyfriend (So Okuno) enters the picture may be too much for the conservative and shy Soga. Will the budding romance bloom or wither? [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Slated for a 10-episode broadcast, I just finished my run of the show today. It’s a small production and definitely on a budget. Still, it makes up with a ‘spirited’ acting ensemble and some select sensual scenes that put some spice in an otherwise ordinary, bland BL series.

  • Hideyoshi Kan is the star of the show. As Kamen Rider Geats, his transition to a romantic BL role as a small-time restaurant owner who fell for a conservative salary man is believable. He has a strong screen presence, and those sauna bath scenes can make the audience sweat!
  • So Okuno, the ex-boyfriend offers an intense rivalry to the unsuspecting and clueless Soga Hishashi. His chemistry with Kan is intense, romantic, and volatile. I’d love to see more of Okuno. His blonde hair, sparkling white teeth, and mischievous eyes can seduce any man, woman, or child!
  • Jun Nishiyama, the salary man, is the series’ weakest link. The kissing scenes were laughable and quite frankly, unbelievable. This lack of emotion can be quite irritable and disappointing. Still, Nishiyama can’t find the right ‘feels’ to show some emotions even when kissing – which is a pity.
  • The show is divided between Sakae’s restaurant, his apartment, and Soga’s office putting up unique perspectives and hints of what scenes would transpire, yet the character development is lacking. Some scenes could have been edited and taken out totally. Yes, I want more sauna bath scenes!
  • A short series description and some quotes from main actors Kan and Nishiyama were posted at Natalie – enjoy! I love how it described the restaurant as “homely” since it’s quite intimate and gave the series a unique character in scenes between the main characters and the ensemble cast (including those funny, loveable extras!)

More of Hideyoshi and sauna! Tweets about the series above jokingly ‘classify’ Kamen Rider as BL – which is unsurprising. If you’re watching the Kamen Rider series (and there are many of them), you’ll notice the ‘bromantic’ flavors of the lead male characters!

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