Studio Commuan offers an upcoming triple BL treat starting this October. There are two series – Self and Wish You Luck, and a movie, My Tempo. Self is a psychological thriller, while Wish You Luck is the first apocalyptic BL from Thailand. My Tempo is about friendship, rivalry, and music.

Self เราเห็นนาย

Tang (Zen Burapa) is an artist who loses his reflection in the mirror in his room. He sees somebody else staring back at him. He learns that Neo (Prince Teerapat) is the young boy in the mirror and they start an odd relationship that begins with conflict which turns into a desperate realization of pain and the truth.

The series aims to promote certain shock values and suspense. I love the eerie atmosphere of the teaser trailer. It succeeds in introducing the two main characters and what sort of interaction they will do together.

Self, the series starts on October 13, 2022, on the Studio Commuan YouTube channel, and on Facebook.

My Tempo น้องพี่ดนตรีเพื่อน

My Tempo distinguishes itself as a coming-of-age movie yet it’s also a musical drama that features friendship, rivalry, and personal revelations.

Stars Tik Jesdaporn, a veteran actor since the late 1990s. The young actors playing major characters are rookies Gorn Gorn (19), Onglee Oscar (18), and Chokun Pawaris (19). The movie is produced by Studio Commuan, with Natthapong Arunnet and Natsor Sorawit Muangkaew managing the production.

The movie, My Tempo, is released in theaters this coming October 20, 2022. An interview with the cast is available on YouTube.

Wish You Luck

Wish You Luck, series coming to Summar 2023 | Studio Commuan

A meteorite collides with the Moon and brings a wave of disaster to Earth. Ken (Tonnam Piamchon) is a former actor and a survivor. He is getting away from the city and soon encounters a provincial boy named Q. Q (Title Teshin) is trying to reach his hometown Changmai to search for relatives and start anew.

Both Tonnam and Title were cast in The Yearbook, so there is obviously some chemistry, to begin with – at least from the short teaser. Chookiat Sakveerakul (Ma-Deaw) handles both script and directing. While Ma-Deaw is an acclaimed director via Love of Siam and Dew: The Movie (Ohm Pawat‘s award-winning movie), he’s more into making full-length films, so there’s anticipation if he can push a TV series into critical acclaim.

Wish You Luck, the series, is coming this Summer 2023. Studio Commuan likes to post interviews with the cast, and Wish You Luck is no exception. While some may describe it as a BL science fiction, I thought it appears more of an apocalyptic show than anything else.

The three upcoming projects come from one of Thailand’s most acclaimed filmmakers, Chookiat Sakveerakul (Ma-Deaw), and from Studio Commuan’s new breed of talents – Too Aussada Likitboonma, Nutsor Sorawit Muangkaew, and Aum Natthaphong Aroonnet. The creative company gets raves from its previous series Triage and Manner of Death.