Step by Step features the story between a passionate digital marketing manager and a newbie worker in the department with a gradually loving relationship. The series is adapted from the web novel “Khoi Khoi Rak” (ค่อยๆ รัก) by summer_december.


Jeng (Man Trisanu) is a serious career professional and restauranteur who heads the Digital Marketing department of a publicly-held company. He encounters a newbie worker, Pat (Ben Bunyapol), and things did not run smoothly. While not exactly an antagonistic relationship, the two strangers enter into a sort of wait-and-see mode. Will it escalate into something romantic? [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Teaser | Trailer

Teaser trailer | Dee Hup House, Just Up
Behind the Scenes, Step by Step | Dee Hup House, Just Up


According to Dee Hup House, the series’ production company, there are two main characters:

  • Man (Trisanu Soranun) plays the role of ‘Jeng’. He is a manager in the Digital Marketing Department of Jian Group Public Company Limited. Jeng also owns and operates a restaurant. He is a person with leadership qualities. He approaches everything with seriousness and is quite passionate about life and work.
  • Ben (Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn) plays the role of ‘Pat’. The Jian Group hires Pat as a newbie member of the Digital Marketing department. He is serious about work and likes to help others. You may refer to his Instagram account – the guy is adorable!

Up Poompat plays a supporting character in the series. He plays the title role in Lovely Writer, a BL series worth reviewing soon! He is also partnering (or is it a joint venture?) with Dee Hup House with his artist agency.


The production company releases a video on YouTube featuring the cast:

Featuring the main cast of the upcoming office BL romance | Dee Hup House


Do you enjoy BL in an office or corporate setting? We highly recommend Cherry Magic and Old Fashioned Cupcake to binge-watch!

Dee Hup House projects that Step by Step is for a 2023 release. News and updates will be posted as soon as they become available.