Sing in Love is a new Boys Love series from Japan. It’s a dark, psychological thriller with romance and music mixed together. It seems the word ‘rape’ is being underplayed here.



Koi Kogare Utae or translated as ‘Sing In Love’ is a psychological romance drama featuring music. The story centers on a temporary elementary teacher, Jin Hiritani (Yu Inaba). He’s on his way to a permanent position when a traumatic incident pulls him into deep darkness. Three months later, Jin is still trying to get over the ‘darkness’ that overwhelmed him. He is stirred by memories and feelings of the said experience by a mysterious, charismatic rapper, Kai (Kenshin Endo).

To make it worse, Kai seems to be obsessed with Jin. A story of two men’s struggles, healing, love, and music.

It’s pretty obvious whose the ‘rapist’ in the video above. I can’t help but LOL when Hiritani was holding unto his ass because it hurts!

This is a continuous coverage of the Japanese BL drama Sing In Love. News and other information will be posted when it becomes available.

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