September 2022 is the month of some great titles, including More Than Words (Amazon Prime/Japan), and Korean fantasy romance BL Once Again. Special mention to Yusei Yagi for his award at the Seoul Drama Awards

Yusei Yagi, the Japanese singer-actor who plays one of the leads in My Beautiful Man, won Outstanding Asian star for his role in the said BL series. The award is given by the Seoul Drama Awards.

News Roundup on September 2022 BL series

9/11 Fahlanruk The Series (TH)
9/15 Once Again (KR) – Has fantasy elements/time slip/murder/romantic drama.
9/16 More Than Words (JP) – Serious Japanese slice-of-life. This series is one for the books. At this point, More Than Words is my candidate for the BL series of 2022.
9/22 My Tempo (TH) – Musical-romance
9/25 EarthMix’s Magic Zero (TH) – Very short series featuring Earth-Mix. Talks about how a relationship can be affected by a lack of communication and jealousy. Visually appealing, with an improved Mix Sahaphap in the acting department;
9/26 Al Long Nhai (TH)
9/29 I Am A Fool For You 3 (TH)

Upcoming October 2022 BL series

10/3 To Sir With Love (TH)
10/3 Kabe Koji (JP)
10/5 Ghost Host Ghost House (TH)
10/8 Big Dragon (TH)
10/9 Remember Me (TH)
10/10 2Moons The Ambassador (TH) – This is 2Moons’ third season, and also the third time they cast actors. The production company, Motive Village, shows plenty of controversies including harassing actors and not properly paying people in relation to fan meets.
10/14 My Tooth Your Love (TW)
10/15 Hard Love Mission (TH)
10/20 Eternal Yesterday (JP)
10/29 Till The World Ends (TH)
N/A Choco Milk Shake (KR)