News roundup of some BL news + profiles! KinnPorsche world tour is heating up plus new BL series – More than Words, Egoist, About Youth, My Tooth Your Love, and stalking some BL actors!

Stalking Pinoy BL actor Royce Cabrera!

Royce Cabrera is a Filipino actor who stars in Quaranthings and is in a supporting role in A Soldier’s Heart. He was introduced in the film “Baklad” (2017). He is best known as of one the lead actors in the movie “Fuccbois” (2019) alongside Kokoy de Santos. You can also read our Pinoy BL series recommendations.

While Royce is identified with BL roles, he’s quite an accomplished drama actor already, with awards to show.

Stalking Thai star Bible Summetikul of KinnPorsche series!
Yeah, really feeling like a rockstar! | @biblesumett

KinnPorsche looker Bible Summetikul trends on Twitter, as fans took to tweeting to support the star with the hashtag #BibleDeservesToBeLoved.

Japanese BL series More than Words to start September 16, 2022, with 10 episodes, @Amazon Prime Video

Official Trailer More Than Words | Amazon Prime

The More Than Words manga’s story centers on short-tempered high schooler Mieko, her friend Michio, and a senior at their shared part-time job named Eiji. One day, Eiji becomes self-conscious around Michio. When he opens up to him, their relationship begins to change. More Than Words is a prequel to Etsuko’s debut boys-love manga In the Apartment. The live-action series will adapt both mangas and will intertwine their stories. Michio’s childhood friend Asato from In the Apartment will also be a central character in the series. [Anime News Network]

Kinn-Porsche World Tour coming to Manila’s Mall of Asia on 22nd October 2022

The concert tour will also have stops in Singapore, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, and Taipei. “More cities to be announced soon in Asia, Europe, North America Latin America, and South America,” says Be On Cloud, the concert organizer.

“KinnPorsche” is led by Mile Phakphum as Kinn and Apo Nattawin as Porsche. Kinn is the son of a mafia boss who is chased by their family’s enemies. He asks for Porsche’s help and hires him as his new bodyguard but later on, they develop a romantic relationship. The much-awaited series premiered last April and was critically acclaimed for its action theme. [ABS-CBN News]

Stalking Korean actor Jang Eui Soo (Where Your Eyes Linger + My Sweet Dear)

Eui Soo for Dazed Magazine | @jesoo122
Series poster featuring Eui Soo for My Sweet Dear | @jesoo122

Well, he was great in Where Your Eyes Linger as the best friend and bodyguard but he was awesome in My Sweet Dear as the chef! As you can see above he is SEXINESS personified!

Taiwanese BL series My Tooth, Your Love has a teaser!

我的牙想你 | MY TOOTH YOUR LOVE | Official Trailer

From the same film company that gave us We Best Love: No 1 For You and We Best Love: Fighting Mr 2nd, Result Entertainment released a teaser trailer of the upcoming BL, My Tooth Your Love (我的牙想你). The cast includes Andy Wu, Yu Jin, Alex Chou, and Michael Chang.