Perfect Propose (パーフェクトプロポーズ) could have been titled as ‘Perfect Proposal’ yet it sounded too appropriate in English terms that the former imperfect ‘translation’ will do. Featuring six dramatic episodes filled with longing and remembrance, this Japanese BL hits all the right spots!

Where to Watch Perfect Propose?

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Hirokuni Watari (Shunya Kaneko) has been so absorbed tremendously by the corporate world that he seldom finds the time to be with himself, enjoy food, and take some rest. A chance meeting with Kai Fukaya (Kota Nomura), whom he has not seen for over 12 years, changed everything. Offering a respite from his supervisor and power-tripping bully, Kai has something few could give Watari – food that nourishes his tired and unassuming soul. Can Watari overcome the aggressive nature of office politics and settle in with Fukaya?  [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]


Perfect Propose on Social Media: The Rise and Rise of Kota Nomura

KEN-On, the influential Japanese talent agency, with a roster of actors including Mokomichi Hayami, Sota Fukushi, Tomohiro Ichikawa, and Ryusei Ryo, remains at the forefront of Japanese entertainment. KEN-On currently manages Kota Nomura, who takes on the second lead character in this BL series and comes from a family of actors and fashion models.

Photos on the slide above were taken from Nomura’s KEN-On profile page and his official Instagram.

While he started getting supporting TV roles in 2022, Perfect Propose is his first BL series. Armed with his youthful good looks and raw (yet impactful and engaging) acting, many local pundits consider Kota as the next big thing.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

With an unbelievable ‘premise’ of finding each other after almost a decade, attractive, pensive gay Kai Fukaya (Kota Nomura) locates the socially inept and awkward Hirokuni Watari (Shunya Kaneko) lying on the pavement after a fainting spell. You see, Watari is bullied and pressured at work, gaining little time to rest and sleep at his relatively cheap apartment.

The office politics is so relatable, that I could see myself back in my early twenties while competing for attention (and a chance at promotion!) and a place in the office carpet to take a nap! Entry-level staff can experience all sorts of bullying! Yet, Perfect Propose offers an almost perfect blend of romance, food, and work.

Nomura’s Kai Fukaya who acted a bit on the domineering side works pretty well with Kaneko’s passive and unassuming Watari.

  • Shunya Kaneko who plays the overworked system analyst turned team leader dons the conservative corporate attire with glee and familiarity. He’s cute in the most geeky-nerdy of ways, appears clueless (most of the time), yet exhibits a certain empathy towards his colleagues. Kaneko’s acting is raw and spontaneous yet there is still a lot to be desired.
  • Kota Nomura acts with the same intensity yet offers a bit of nostalgia, sensuality, and drama. Being gay, lonely, rejected, and having no place to go, Nomura delivers a balanced act – not too aggressive, yet dedicated to demonstrating his love through food – where he’s good at!
  • Using flashbacks to connect memories and events, Perfect Propose can be engaging and intense at times, and bland and predictable at others. I assume that the intimate, kissing scenes will only be made available at the last few episodes, whilst the audience has to endure the office scenes in the middle. I’m not complaining, seeing Nomura display all those delicious food for Kaneko to tempt him to come home! Yet, it could have been more engaging if they focused on the main characters and let them develop throughout the series.
  • While I love to see more intimacy, I find Kaneko’s monologue about his current state of affairs to be engaging and realistic.
  • Fellow Ken-On artist Irie Jingi plays a minor character. Jingi is best known for his role as Koto’s (Kariya Yuiko) protector in the intense youth Japanese drama Kingyo Club way back in 2011 (with Ryo Yoshizawa, among others). One of Japan’s dramatic young actors, I wish he plays another major role and is in a BL at that!

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