Penlab, a Filipino-based creative and publisher of webcomics, has come up with some quality Pinoy webcomic BL (and bromance) that surely identify with the Filipino gay psyche.

The best way to gauge and judge the quality is to read these webcomics yourselves. Here are six prime-cut Pinoy webcomic BL from Penlab!


Webcomics (also known as online comics or Internet comics) are comics published on a website or mobile app. While many are published exclusively on the web, others are also published in magazines, newspapers, or comic books.

Webcomics can be compared to self-published print comics in that anyone with an Internet connection can publish their own webcomic. Readership levels vary widely; many are read only by the creator’s immediate friends and family, while some of the largest claim audiences of well over one million readers. Webcomics range from traditional comic strips and graphic novels to avant-garde comics and cover many genres, styles, and subjects. They sometimes take on the role of a comic blog. The term webcartoonist is sometimes used to refer to someone who creates webcomics. Below are some good examples of Pinoy webcomics in the BL-Bromance genres.

Ang Jowa Kong Crosswise

By Tsambolero

Pinoy webcomic BL: Ang Jowa Kong Crosswise

This Pinoy webcomic is fantasy, and supernatural, with a romantic (actually, its Yaoi) twist. It features a ‘horrifying’ Flipino folktale creature. Enough said!

Ang Jowa Kong Crosswise chronicles the life and times of Tomas and Leo, who are, for all intents and purposes, an unremarkably average couple in their mid-twenties… or so it would seem. Tomas is actually a self-segmenting winged creature of the night, while Leo is, well, just Leo. Take an intimate peek into the mundanities of their relationship and watch as this extraordinary pair go through their very ordinary lives. [ link ]


Arrows To Their Heaven

By TidalBronze

Pinoy webcomic BL: Arrows to their Heaven

With such terrific visuals, have you ever encountered a Mecha BL before? No? Then here’s one for you!

In the distant future, when the archipelago froze over and giants called Diwata rampaged the land and seas, pilot clans took up their ancestral arms and created the fearsome Godslayer mecha to challenge the Diwatas’ power. 19-year-old rebel pilot Lance Laxamana was his family’s most promising successor in the quest to reclaim Manila… until he suddenly wasn’t. [ link ]

Life in Orange

By Lizmi

Pinoy webcomic BL: Life in Orange

Slice of life, coming-of-age sort of webcomic, light reading yet incorporated with dramatic moments and insightful takes on contemporary issues.

Vito has always followed societal norms but his views are challenged when he becomes partners with the new student Kahel, who is quite contrary to what people expect a teenage boy to be. [ link ]

Sari Sari Story

Pinoy webcomic BL: Sari Sari Story

by Kar Vic

Definitely funny, this Pinoy webcomic aims to entertain and succeeds big time.

Good day, Shoppers! Welcome to Big Dipper’s Sari-Sari Mall where you can find ANYTHING from the freshest vegetables to your favorite snacks, clothes, kitchenware, love triangles, and toiletries! And oh, did I mention love triangles? Join Sean, Mon, and our cutest mascot Dipper as they deal with friendship, love, kiligs, and hugots inside the four corners of the store. 69% Off! So are you ready to add to your heart? [ link ]


Somewhere in my Past

By Gigi Chan

Pinoy webcomic BL: Somewhere in My Past

I had a little sense of deja vu reading this webcomic…

Set in the late 1980s, Gian Celis is a high school student who has no idea what love is like until a transfer student named Joaquin Cojuangco comes into his life. Throughout their high school life, Gian does everything to spend time with Jaoquin and make memories together. [ link ]

That Time I Fell in Love with an Altar Boy

Pinoy webcomic BL: That Time I Fell In Love with an Altar Boy

By RichardMercz

Well, the Philippines is the 3rd largest Catholic nation in the World. Having said that, you’ll enjoy this coming-of-age BL webcomic very much!

Two 17-year-old boys escape on a journey they’ll never forget after they are caught kissing at the back of a chapel. For readers around the world, read the English-language edition of the hit BL series “Nang Mainlove Ako sa Isang Sakristan” in vertical format every Thursday on the Penlab Staff Picks. [ link ]


Pinoy webcomic BL is a work in progress, more comics at Penlab. We also recommend Laftel’s upcoming Korean BL anime.