Our Dining Table (僕らの食卓) will soon be streamed as a live-action adaptation. Kamen Rider actor Atsuhiro Inukai will play the main character, Yutaka Hozumi, and Hiroki Iijima will play Minoru Ueda in the series.

Atsuhiro Inukai was wacky, cute, and hilarious as Mob in A Man Who Defies BL back in 2021. This time, he plays a timid yet talented cook in Our Dining Table opposite Hiroki Iijima. Inukai and Iijima are Kamen Riders and the Grand Prix winners (title holders at the 25th and 28th editions respectively) at the “Junon Super Boy Contest.”


Eating around other people is a struggle for salaryman Yutaka, despite his talent for cooking. All that changes when he meets Minoru and Tane—two brothers, many years apart in age—who ask him to teach them how to make his delicious food! Yutaka soon finds himself having a change of heart as he looks forward to the meals they share together.

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Main Cast and their Characters

Initial impressions just from the teaser trailer show the warmth generated by the scenes featuring the cast. Inukai Atsuhiro is a considerable young actor who is both good at comedic and dramatic roles. This will be an interesting character delineation for him.

Inukai Atsuhiro plays Yutaka in Our Dining Table

I also tend to cook for myself, so I thought it was similar to my cooking and eating alone. The only difference is the internal part. I wonder if it’s different from me when I hold back too much. Because I stopped being shy.

Inukai Atsuhiro interview excerpt the tv.jp

Inukai Atsuhiro is a Japanese actor born in the prefecture of Tokushima. He won the Grand Prix at the 25th “Junon Super Boy Contest” in 2012. In June 2014, he made his acting debut in the daytime drama “Ao no Umi – Long Summer”. Inukai’s first major role was in “Kamen Rider Build,” a television drama.

Hiroki Iijima plays Minoru in Our Dining Table

If you think about it that way, I might be the exact opposite. I tend to hold back… At first, I’m the type of person to build a wall between people. I think, “I really want to tell you this, but if I do, it will hurt me.” I think that kind of clumsiness is similar to Minoru. The only difference is that they don’t cook. I cook myself.

interview excerpt of Hiroki Iijima from The TV.jp

Hiroki Iijima is a young actor from Hokkaido, Japan. In 2015, while working part-time at an apparel store, Iijima won the Grand Prix at the 28th Junon Super Boy Contest. In August 2016, it was announced that he would play the lead role in the TV Asahi series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, which premiered in October of that year.

Our Dining Table on Social Media

There’s an interview with TheTV.JP – a Japanese entertainment portal – of the two actors who talked about their roles and the series itself.


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