Ossan’s Love Returns – Get ready for Season 3! – Japanese BL (2024)

The groundbreaking Ossan’s Love is back after five long years! Under the helm of three drama directors, Ossan’s Love Returns gives us the wacky, talented trio of Kento Hayashi, Kei Tanaka, and veteran character actor Kotaro Yoshida. This 9-episode series is in its third season under TV-Asahi.

Where to Watch Ossan’s Love Returns?

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Soichi Haruta and Ryota Maki, who returned from Singapore, started living together as newlyweds. However, work and housework becomes too much for the couple, so they try housekeeping services to make their domestic life easier. But the person who appears at the door turns out to be the retired Musashi Kurosawa! Will the love triangle between them happen again?

Official synopsis courtesy of gaga oo lala

Ossan’s Love Returns: Social Media Buzz

TVer posted numerous insider ‘accounts’ of the new season, with a more detailed storyline of the third series below:

Soichi Haruta (Kei Tanaka) walks down Virgin Road, a chapel filled with light. Next to him, Kurosawa Musashi (Kotaro Yoshida) has his arms crossed with a fearless look on his face. Ahead of his line of sight is the figure of Ryota Maki (Kento Hayashi), who has returned from Singapore. Five years have passed since then. After a long-distance relationship during the coronavirus pandemic, Haruta and Maki begin their delayed newlywed life. As the new year approaches, Haruta dreams of having fun together, eating meals together, playing games, and going on dates, but Maki, who has been promoted to section manager, becomes very busy as soon as he returns to Japan. Fights are increasing over trivial matters, such as the division of household chores and the separation of garbage. On the other hand, Haruta also becomes a section manager at Tenku Real Estate and is assigned to train his older subordinate Yuki Izumi (Arata Iura), who joined the company mid-career. However, this Izumi seems to be a bit of a loser, has poor posting skills, and can’t use Excel…Haruta desperately tries to teach her kindly, but in the end she bursts into tears and starts running, which makes her emotionally unstable…!?

tver ossan’s love returns profiler


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  1. Dennis Cambly

    Season 3? Wow I didn’t get to Season 1 Episode 3 before I tossed my hands in the air and walked away. Don’t you find it a bit annoying watching the same story with a few twists over and over. If it’s not 10 years it’s 5 years since the relationship went on the rocks.

    • Asian Popsicle

      I guess you could say they are trying to milk the series and come up with all the little twists and turns just to justify another round. In this case, they are stretching it for another season… I’m just happy seeing Kento Hayashi. I have yet to finish Season 1 myself.

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