Once Again (previously Come Back to Me or Come Find Me Again) is one of the reported 4 Korean BL series to hit the screen from September to October 2022. It’s about a law student who travels to the past to meet someone he is quite fond of.



Moon Ji-Yong plays Shin Jae-woo who lives with a painful memory and accidentally returns to the past, determined to change his destiny. He reunites with Kang Ji-hoon (Lee Hyun Jun), whom he misses, and tries not to let incidents of the past repeat themselves. He eventually realizes how strong his feelings are for Ji-hoon. Ji-hoon is an important figure in Shin Jae-woo’s past. Reluctantly, he is opening his heart to Jae-woo, who is actively pursuing him. Jae-Woo’s friend Joo Hyung-jin is portrayed by Kang-Woo Jung and plays a character who interacts with Jae-Woo and Ji-Hoon dynamics. [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Known previously as ‘Come Back to Me’, this Korean BL drama premiers on 15 September 2022, to run for 8 episodes at 25 minutes each. New images are below!

Cast of Characters

The three lead actors are all in their late twenties with no acting experience except for Moon Ji Yong who is also part of another BL series.

Lee Hyun Jun (27) is a model-actor who is making his drama series debut in Once Again (Come Back to Me). He plays the lead character Kang Ji-Hoon, who is being pursued by Shin Jae Woo who travels 15 years from the past.

Moon Ji-Yong (29) is an up-and-coming Korean actor who made his debut in 2018, playing a lead role in Afternoon in a Small City. As Shin Jae Woo, Ji-Yong is to play a character who suffers from a traumatic childhood experience and wants to reunite with Ji-Hoon, whom he calls ‘uncle’, yet they are about the same age.

Kang Woo-Jung (25) plays Joo Hyung-Jin, Ji-Hoon’s childhood friend and dormmate. Hyung-Jin and Jae-Woo are both preparing for the bar exams. He is protective of his childhood friend and eyes Ji-Hoon with suspicion. This is Woo-Jung’s acting debut. He’s also cast in another Idol Romance show, The Roommates of Poongduck 304.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Once Again ends with a hopeful note. It’s not totally surprising, yet it still packs a punch for those expecting that it might end up the way they wanted. Here’s my review:

  • A thriller with an unknown killer on the loose – setting the stage for the expected “uncle and boy” dynamics. These dynamics are going to be obvious as the episodes progress;
  • A sentimental but heartfelt atmosphere with lead actor Moon Ji-Yong playing Shin Jae Woo. He’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to – reminiscing the past with just enough sadness. And boy, he can cry buckets! Lee Hyun Jun – the uncle (rookie actor Kang Ji-Hoon) just had enough screen time to establish a presence.
  • The gradual interaction between Jae Woo and Hyun Jun is appreciated, it’s not forced or anything. This drama shows why it could appear reasonable for someone to accept certain ‘facts’ about a boy (almost his age) to travel from the past. The cut-to-scenes provide the explanation quite effectively;
  • I always wonder about the possibility of meeting my ‘younger self’ when I time travel. This is exactly what the drama shows in such a positive and entertaining way. There is no scientific explanation, it just happens;
  • When Hyun Jun realizes that Jae Woo exerts effort to keep him safe while he pieces the puzzle calls for some praise. It sets the tone for why he’s starting to like the boy as much as Jae Woo likes him;
  • The final two episodes of Once Again feature both romantic and thrilling scenes. A fitting end to a unique BL series that touches on time travel, murder, friendship, and love. Kang Woo Jung turns out to be a good actor, especially in the final scenes.

Technically competent – superb soundtrack with good editing and turnaround.

Production Updates

Idol Romance is releasing this series in 2 episodes every Thursday starting Sept. 15. The production company features Roommates of Poongduck 304 and Happy Ending Outside the Fence right after. It’s currently filming a remake of the original Thai drama ‘Why R U’.

This is a continuous coverage of the Korean BL series Once Again (Come Back to Me).

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