GMMTV premieres the new Mafia-Crime-Themed BL series Never Let Me Go last night, 13th December 2022 with much fanfare and hype, and it was all worth it.

Never Let Me Go – Initial Review

Without committing anything, we’ll try to come up with some kind of ‘first impressions’ for every episode. I think this series is special and will become memorable and amazing as it takes its run.

You can watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Episode 1

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The look and feel of the series are dark, sinister, and exciting. What we have is a rich and powerful family, whose patriarch was gunned down as a result of an internal power struggle.

Phuwin’s take on Nuengdiao

Phuwin Tangsakyuen plays Nuengdiao Kiattrakulmethee, a rather reserved and aloof character who exhibits plenty of entitlement. Being rich, he is haughty and inconsiderate. Though it appears that he’s lonely and unsure of his place in the grand scheme of things. Yet, there is that sense of drive and ambition. His character and his acting are a far cry from his previous BL role as Pattawee / “Pi” in Fish Upon the Sky. He has matured as an actor – to what extent- we have yet to find out as the series progresses.

Pond playing a lowly fisherman turned bodyguard

Pond Naravit plays “Palm” Pannakorn Jannaloy, a lowly fisherman who aims to improve his social standing by getting an education. Destiny has other plans as his father sought him to become Nuengdiao’s bodyguard. Naravit is oozing with sex appeal and has a strong screen presence. Like Phuwin, we have yet to determine how much his acting has improved. But Episode 1 shows plenty of promise;

The staring contest between the two young actors is – for lack of a better word – intense.

Episode 1 Impressions

Production-wise, the series exhibits a sleek production style with notable cinematography and quick and fast-paced storytelling;

The episode touches on school bullying, and I assume it has to do with Nuengdiao’s affluent upbringing.

The uncle who pretends to be concerned with the well-being of Nuengdiao is so obvious and quite predictable. If that’s the way dir. Jojo Tichakorn Phukhaotong wants his character to be, then we shall see how effective it was.

Chimon Wachirawit and Perth Tanapon playing secondary characters may appear to be just that. Yet, you can sense how talented they are. I look forward to more of their intimate interaction – probably as an introduction to their upcoming series.


Official Trailer of Never Let Me Go | GMMTV


Nueng (Phuwin Tangsakyuen) is the only son of a mafia leader who was murdered in front of his eyes. An ambitious uncle pushes for a change in the syndicate’s leadership. Seeing the problem, Nueng’s Mom appointed Palm (Pond Naravit) to protect him. Palm is a provincial guy and a bit naive. But he does what’s expected of him. Nueng feels resentment of his presence. As the violence escalates, Nueng has no choice but to depend on Palm for safety and protection. Will there be sparks after the initial alienation? [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

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