My Tooth Your Love comes from the Taiwanese director who gave us We Best Love, and HIStory, Jiang Rui Zhi. It serves as his latest Taiwanese BL series. It features two couples – with attractive and sexy-looking leads.

GagaOOLala starts streaming My Tooth Your Love on 14th October 2022, with the first 2 episodes.


Bai Lang (Andy Wu) is a bar-restaurant owner. He is afraid to have his teeth extracted. But when he visits a famous dental hospital, it all changes. He meets the chief dentist Jin Xun’an (Yu Jin). Sparks are immediately flying. Yet, can the professional divide be crossed in the name of love? Meanwhile, Zhou Cheng Hao (Alex Chou) a senior bartender at Bai Lang’s bar and the owner’s close friend is developing a close relationship with He Qing Tian (Michael Chang). Tian is a rebel-type lad and is 12 years his junior. Can these quartets survive the test of romantic relationships and dive into commitment and love? [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Cast of Characters

My Tooth Your Love - Couple #1
Couple 1: Andy Wu (32) plays Bai Lang, and Snoopy Yu (29) plays Jin Xu An. | Result Entertainment TW
My Tooth Your Love - Couple #2
Couple 2: Michael Chang 張豐豪 (23) – at right – plays He Qing Tian, Alex Chou 周予天 (28) plays Zhou Cheng Hao. | Result Entertainment TW


As expected, the series starts with a bang! The Taiwanese have a thing for adult-themed BL and escape from the usual school-based and coming-of-age genres:

  • My Tooth Your Love focuses on 2 sets of friends, with the romantic target of one working as a dentist (who also has a handsome cast aside from the main character!), while the 3 other leads work in a resto-bar just across town;
  • The story is smooth-flowing, with no redundancy. I appreciate that it focuses first on Couple 1, bringing some perspective into how the relationship started, and the dynamics between the actors – which is hot and intense;
  • Andy Wu (playing Bai Lang), starts off having a toothache and goes to see Yu Jin, the appealing but reserved dentist (Bai Lang’s sister’s junior in Uni). There’s immediate physical contact, and any viewer can feel there is already some sort of ‘friction’. What a great start! It immediately creates tension as a form of dynamics – with plenty of select scenes that underplay the possibility of romance;
  • Alex Chou gives a sample of his ‘English’, which is sexy via his singing voice, of course!;
  • The foodie scenes made me hungry;
  • Technically superior to BLs from other countries, in the way it plays with camera angles, great use of music, and the lighting is just great. It offers glimpses of the Taipei area, with its cozy and sophisticated atmosphere;

My Tooth Your Love on Social Media

One of the series’ second lead actors is wowing Taiwanese pop fans with his music – Alex Chou. You can appreciate Chou’s physique below. MyDramaList also contributes info on Alex:

He is the older brother of the pop singer and music composer Zhou Xing Zhe; Eric Chou. In March 2015, he made his debut singing the revised theme song ” Take You Fly ” for the game “Only Dance 3”. In October, he released his first creative mini-album “YOU”. | MyDramaList

Taiwanese pop singer Alex Chou originally planned a career in business, majoring in economics at the University of Southern California. But the pop music world had other plans for him. From an early age, Chou composed music and wrote lyrics. When he released a debut EP, “You”, in 2015, its lushly orchestrated ballad “Year. Month. Date.”. It was chosen as the promotional track for the hit romantic drama The Last Women Standing. A shift to a more pop and hip-hop sound with the track “Fly You Away” marked another career high for Chou, when it was chosen as the theme song for the video game Dancing Online.

Well, Apple Music was right about his musicality, but it seems the BL universe is also on the lookout for Alex! A song for this series has been uploaded on YouTube.

AbsoluteBL has something to say about the director, Jiang Rui Zhi. The producer estimates September 2022 as the release date. The first 2 episodes were shown on 14th October at GagaOOLala.

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This is a continuous coverage of the Taiwanese BL series My Tooth Your Love. News and updates will be posted as they become available.