GMMTV offers My School President, a school-based Boys Love romance, featuring some promising rookies. Reports have it that it promotes inclusivity in an honest, and not too-pushy way, thereby coming on strong in all the senses.

Where to watch My School President?

The official GMMTV YouTube channel is where you can watch this BL series, and will also be available on Viu, starting 2 December, which is a Friday and thereafter. You can now watch Episode 1.

Tinn and Gun, played by Gemini Norawit and Fourth Nattawat in a tender, romantic moment in My School President, final episode | GMMTV


I’m placing my bet on Fourth. He’s the scene-stealer in the upcoming Moonlight Chicken, as Earth Pirapat’s nephew. Angsty, intense, and good-looking, Nattawat appears poised for more spotlight! While the teaser trailer appears generic, the on-screen chemistry between Gemini and Fourth looks promising. I noticed some ‘Love of Siam’ vibes too!


My School President features a music club student leader Gun (Fourth Nattawat). The music club he heads is up for deletion. He approaches the student council president Tinn (Gemini Norawit) to get his support. However, the President demands he becomes his assistant cum secretary/helper. GMMTV considers this BL series as a ‘boy-meets-good-guy story with a marvelous LGBTQIA+ narrative‘. [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Trailer | Teaser

Trailer, released 21 November 2022:

More details of the storyline is revealed in the official trailer | GMMTV
Teaser trailer of school-based BL series, My School President | GMMTV


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Light and fluffy, yet there is substance. This may be a kiddie show, but it features something about how young boys can have dreams and will do almost everything to grab into them. Fourth Nattawat and Gemini Norawit staring back and forth give plenty of romantic and sexy vibes.

I love the kind of freshness and energy this show is offering. We’re talking about a new potentially explosive and highly-level ship (FourthGemini) here. And they’re already included in Our Skyy2. So, there is already BL traction to speak of!

  • The Mom-Son dynamics are front and center as far as the storyline goes. While Gun’s Mom appears supportive from the beginning, Tinn’s Mom who happens to be the school principal struggles with her relationship with her son. It brought tension and conflict to the whole Tinn-Gun interaction, which makes the series more engaging;
  • The show is wholesome, quite reminiscent of Love of Siam, and earlier GMMTV series like Bad Buddy Series and even SOTUS to a certain extent. Yet, My School President is not a copycat but rather original in its own right;
  • The on-screen chemistry between the leads (Gemini-Fourth) is comparable to other competitive BL couples from GMMTV. This is quite noteworthy since these young actors are relatively new to acting;
  • The cinematography, styling, and OST are outstanding;
  • My School President promoted inclusivity without being too pushy or too obvious. It offers scenes that inspire rather than push an agenda. There is a thin line that separates heavy-dose promotion and inert, honest storytelling;
  • While there are other characters on the show, there is clear direction and the emphasis remains on Tinn-Gun all throughout.

My School President: Selected Reactions

Spotlight on the Main Cast

17-year-old Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul plays Gun, a music club president. He desperately needs the help of the council president to keep his club from being deleted. This light-fun-comedic role is a big departure from his role in Moonlight Chicken. Yet, this sort of diversity puts rookies into high gear.

Fourth Nattawat plays Gun, the boyband leader in My School President | GMMTV

The young Thai actor signed with GMMTV after winning their contest, “Thailand School Star 2019.”

Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak (18) plays the ‘strict’ unapproachable council President who wants Gun to suffer a bit before granting his request. The role appears to be a bit naughty, right?

Gemini Norawit is Tinn, the school student president | GMMTV

Gemini participated in the reality TV show “Thailand School Star 2019,” where he finished as one of the finalists. Since then, Gemini has been signed under GMMTV. Before joining the entertainment industry, Gemini participated in singing workshops and performed in a few events such as school fairs.

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