With its release in 2022, the hit Japanese BL series, Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But To Kiss! (不幸くんはキスするしかない!) has been capturing fans’ hearts with its entertaining and heartfelt story of one young man’s mission to turn his bad luck into a romantic journey.

Adapted from the manga “Fukou-kun wa Kiss Suru Shika Nai!” this Japanese BL series tells the tale of one unlucky guy and his accidental meeting with the luckiest young man on campus.



Fukuhara Kota (Sota Ryosuke) is a university student who has extraordinary bad luck that plagues him wherever he goes. Due to these ‘misfortunes,’ he never made friends. One day he is rescued from a near-accident by Shinomiya Naoya (Sato Yusuke), a good-looking fellow student with the opposite problem – supernatural good luck that brings him many friends. Shinomiya is intrigued by the unlucky Fukuhara, who asks Shinomiya to be his friend, thinking that this must surely shield him from further bad luck. He phrases his request badly but Shinomiya, thinking he is suggesting they begin dating, surprisingly agrees.

The key moment when our lead characters had a chance meeting and things simply leveled up afterward | MBS Network


Rating: 3 out of 5.

While there were some awkward moments, this Japanese BL series is sweet and romantic and easily has one of the most attractive lead actors among the MBS BL line-up.

The more current MBS BL like Eternal Yesterday and Ameiro Paradox, and even the fun-filled Takara kun to Amagi kun has – apparently – learned from this series in terms of onscreen chemistry. In some ways, Mr. Unlucky paved the way for the recent BL streams to be better.

  • Sato Yusuke who plays the lucky and handsome Shinomiya, acted a bit stiff at times but redeems himself with excellent performances during intense and dramatic moments. While he was inconsistent, still we cannot discount that he looks so good on screen. That quality added more interest to the series;
  • Sota Ryosuke, the main character, acted with similar vibes but was passable. There were moments he was so good at being clumsy you can’t help but laugh yet we also tend to sympathize with him and his run of bad luck. He was the perfect cast for this role, in my honest opinion;
  • The main actors could have delivered a better kissing scene. The title is about a significant romantic and intimate moment that would highlight what it’s all about. I’m disappointed with the particular kissing scene and I thought they could have done better;
  • This romantic drama should not be treated too seriously. It does offer some fun-filled romantic moments and succeeds in making the audience laugh. There were also enough ‘kilig’ moments!



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