A deepening relationship between two men who went against the tide of public perception, as seen from the eyes of a female friend in all sensibilities and candor. More than Words, the Japanese BL series released by Amazon Prime, is indeed ‘more than words can say”.

Official series trailer More than Words | Amazon Prime

When the gist of the BL series More than Words was posted by ANN, I looked for the actress cast to play the pivotal role of Mieko. I was not disappointed. They got Ryoko Fujino! She’s one of the most competent young actresses in Japan today – with such hits as Solomon’s Perjury (Parts 1-2), Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru, and Miyako ga Kyoto ni Yattekita!, among others. Takumi Saitoh, one of the original Japanese BL actors (Boy’s Love) is also part of the show!


The story centers on three individuals – best friends Mieko (Fujino Ryoko) and Makki (Aoki Yuzu), and Eiji (Nakagawa Daisuke) a senior in school. They met at a diner doing part-time work for a senpai at their school. Eiji is gay and eventually falls for Makki. Mieko – who had a previous bad experience with a boyfriend – decided to support their relationship when it appears ‘toxic’ to people around them. This trio’s dynamics are the centerpiece of the story, exploring their ever-changing relationships. [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]


Rating: 5 out of 5.

More than Words is not your usual, ‘just for fun’ series. It’s not even straight BL (pun intended). This series is in-your-face and will not apologize for its candor.

  • Characters are flawed, yet it’s that quality that makes each of them realistic;
  • Mieko’s character of being wary of men is explained in a subtle yet convincing way. When she started questioning her sanity, it was Makki who reminded her that she’d done nothing wrong. In fact, she defended herself from her boyfriend who is attempting to rape her. This sends a powerful message about the tone of the series and her character. Ryoko Fujino delivered yet another stellar performance;
  • When Mieko described Eiji as being different from other men, it was delivered in a casual way that Eiji finds comfort in. Thus, Eiji admits immediately;
  • Nakagawa Daisuke (24) who plays Eiji has an enigmatic presence. He’s handled by Ken-On (Sota Fukushi’s agency) and is a male model for Men’s NON-NO. Donning blond hair gives him an aura of mystery and further elevates his good looks;
  • There is something easy-going about 21-year-old actor Aoki Yuzu. He has a physicality that beguiles the viewers. I have not seen him before but am impressed;
  • An unavoidable decision changes everything – Mieko, Makki, and Eiji must live up to this decision. It’s painful and brings forth drama to an already excellent beginning;
  • There can only be two parties in a relationship. Usually, the third wheel disappears;
  • Some people want closure to painful happenings, some have to be forced to face reality. It’s this dilemma that the series has explored well;
  • The soundtrack – contemporary jazz/soul – adds to the diverse mood of the series. The editing is impeccable as the cinematography;
  • Dir. Hashizume Shunki effectively controls the cast – no overacting or dead fish eyes.

Classy, sophisticated, and well-acted, More than Words, is my candidate for BL series of the year.

More than Words: Social Media and the Press

More than Words series also features In The Apartment characters.
Japanese BL series More than Words incorporates characters from In the Apartment | Amazon Prime

More Than Words is a prequel to Etsuko’s debut boys-love manga In the Apartment. The live-action series will adapt both mangas and will intertwine their stories. Michio’s childhood friend Asato from In the Apartment will also be a central character in the series. [Anime News Network]

This is a continuous coverage of the Japanese BL series More than Words. News and updates will be posted as soon as they become available.

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