GMMTV’s Moonlight Chicken is not just a weekly show to watch. It’s an event to be celebrated. While some people are fascinated with the infidelity issue and waiting for the confrontation between the three individuals involved, the show now on Episode 3 has an ebb and flow all its own.

The Tale of Two Stars

The one-night stand of steamy sex and desire in Episode 1 shows how lonely the characters are. Wen (Mix Sahaphap) is in a relationship, and we can only surmise that he’s not happy. Why would he be alone wandering all around the city, instead of celebrating the end of the day with his partner? But we have yet to determine the status of that relationship. What’s clear is that he wanted someone else. Or at least, a respite from such a relationship?

Uncle Jim (Earth Pirapat) agrees to that night of lust and passionate sex and sets the record straight that it’s going to be the last. In Episode 3 he reveals that ‘no one deserves him’ because he’s beneath many. The story of his lover’s infidelity was shown as – probably – the reason why he seems to belittle himself.

This is one of the very few BL series that I never fast-forward to because it deserves the respect. I watched it scene by scene, minute by minute. It’s even worth repeating because there is always something new to discover.

A generation divide: Uncle Jim’s lack of formal education pushed him to establish his own diner. That’s his key to survival, but can Li Ming be any different? To be imposed on finishing formal education has become his own struggle. Can he determine what he wants for himself? | Screenshot (C) Moonlight Chicken, GMMTV

Formal education is no longer life’s equalizer

Moonlight Chicken’s spotlight on how to live one’s life – independence, education, and making a living touch on so many nerves. As a Uni graduate with a Master’s degree, I have always valued education and it has brought me to where I am today. But times are changing – fast.

The younger generation has more options to choose from. An online gamer now can earn millions of dollars without having to worry about securing a college diploma. That was never possible in the 1990s or earlier. People, even those in their forties, can re-educate themselves and study coding and in a few months apply for a job as a Data Analyst. That was not possible then too!

The guy has gravitas! Fourth Nattawat as Li Ming reflects on his future.

Li Ming (Fourth Nattawat) struggle to find himself a place in the grand scheme of things is a major series highlight. Many young people in the 1990s or earlier have been frustrated by the lack of opportunity to grow because society places too much pressure on education. But now? Times have changed.

GeminiFourth going massive!

And the thing is, the GeminiFourth tandem grows by leaps and bounds. The delays due to the pandemic have coincided with the release of two prime BL dramas at almost the same time and there are plenty more of the guys coming soon.

Tribute to PWD (Person with Disability)

Gemini Norawit is Heart with erstwhile BL partner Fourth Nattawat (who plays Li Ming) shown here in an endearing scene, where Heart as a PWD interacts with the ‘normal’ Li Ming who has personal issues of his own. | Screenshot (C) Moonlight Chicken, GMMTV

Christopher Reeve, who played Superman, was paralyzed as a result of a horse-riding accident. As a PWD, he was active in promoting awareness of spinal cord research, thus paving the way for more attention on PWDs around the world.

Reeve’s quote on disability is – indeed – inspiring:

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

christopher reeve on disability and heroes.

I commend the whole team of Moonlight Chicken for depicting a PWD character in a positive light, and for Gemini Norawit for portraying one. The scenes featuring GeminiFourth are both endearing and romantic, and the issue of having a PWD is never used as a sympathy card – making it more powerful.

Unrequited Love

How The Eclipse tandem of Khaotung and First are placed in the Moonlight Chicken narrative is still up for speculation. But one thing is for sure – Gaipa’s heart will be broken into pieces!