BL viewers (those shrewd with personal advocacies, or those simply enjoying a BL show) seem to have opposing sides to the current Midnight Chicken BL saga. This is Psycho Weird’s Moonlight Chicken Analysis.

Is series director P’Aof offering too many issues all at the same time or there is too little time to fully explore these issues? Are viewers confused or do they simply hate the narrative?

Taking sides, I love Midnight Chicken (or Moonlight Chicken), and I don’t appreciate the insult thrown at the title. I think it’s disrespectful.

What the series is all about?

Moonlight Chicken stars EarthMix in their latest collaboration. It tells the tale of an older, attractive guy with a painful past, and a younger, ambitious (sort of jaded) character who is passionately pursuing him for love, and maybe even a long-term relationship, who knows?

Moonlight Chicken Analysis: The EarthMix ultimate BL collaboration
The EarthMix BL ship has sailed many times, docked at many ports, anchored at numerous islands, and maintains a strong foundation based on talent and popularity | GMMTV

Moonlight Chicken Analysis: What makes the series quite contentious is the diverse topics it explores

  • What justifies infidelity, if at all? Should there be closure? When is the proper time to pursue another man for love and sex?
  • Should a man’s actions that lead to infidelity be justified, at least to his partner?
  • How should we treat PWDs in the light of bullying and discrimination that seems to be the prevalent outcome today? Are they properly protected by laws, and depending on the locale, are we doing enough to prevent bullying?
  • Why is unrequited love a common theme in BL series nowadays? Do these stories reflect the mindset of the authors, paving the way to make these stories instrumental to these writers’ own redemption or release?
  • Pre-marital sex in the light of abortion rights, feminism and masculinity, and gender identity – is marriage validated or not?

I know many BL fans only want to be entertained. We don’t even have statistics on how many wanted more. But hey, it’s a free country after all.

This is the 3rd in our Moonlight Chicken Analysis posts.

Moonlight Chicken: Of teen angst, generation divide, and infidelity

Moonlight Chicken: A passionate, forbidden love affair? 

This article is not meant to answer these questions, but rather to explore and bring them out in the open.

Allan (First Kanaphan) is the ‘injured guy’ here, but is he being demonized? Can we blame him for his attack?

Moonlight Chicken Analysis: Lovers' confrontation
Allan (First Kanaphan): This fictional character is described as “Alan is a principled man which a cool demeanor. He holds fast to reason and what is right.”
If Wen says it’s over, then it’s over. But then again… There is no ‘parting is such a sweet sorrow’ here, it’s raw and painful and totally unexpected.

Jim’s former lover and how does he fit into the grand scheme of things?

Moonlight Chicken Analysis: Former lover and Jim's painful past
Is he the real player? How is Jim’s former lover fit into the narrative? Will he return and when is his background revealed?

What happened to Beam, Jim’s former lover was a tragedy and quite a surprise (even a shocking revelation). How Wen assisted Jim in facing this issue makes their relationship stronger and more intimate. You see, Beam has a wife and a daughter and Jim’s visit frees him of his guilt. Thus, he can move on and love another and perhaps be happy.

Gaipa’s sense of self and the amazing Mom-Son relationship

And Gaipa’s unrequited love has been confirmed. The scene where he offers food to Jim is one of the most heartbreaking in the series. Khaotung is a seriously capable actor. I look forward to OurSkyy2 and I appreciate him more now than ever before.

The interaction between Mother and Son is such an amazing scene, my heart could burst with pride and sentimentality.

Moonlight Chicken Analysis: What people are saying – selected reactions

Tribute to PWD (Person with Disability)

Gemini Norawit is Heart with erstwhile BL partner Fourth Nattawat (who plays Li Ming) shown here in an endearing scene, where Heart as a PWD interacts with the ‘normal’ Li Ming who has personal issues of his own. | Screenshot (C) Moonlight Chicken, GMMTV

Not that we’re ignoring the Gemini-Fourth’s Li Ning-Heart narrative, but hey we got a short discussion here. Some fans complaining about this ship and that they have too much exposure are just paranoid. Spread love rather than exclusivity,

Give Mark Pakin his own BL series for Chrissakes!

GMMTV always gives him the supporting role – the lead’s best friend or some filler characters, yet he manages to shine and steal scenes with his sheer talent and charisma. Give Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit his own series already!

I love this kid! I always look out for series where he’s part of the cast. He has sensual, sexy, and charming vibes for me. “Mark” Pakin Kunaanuwit deserves the spotlight and a title role all to himself.

The Last Word

Yup, there are a lot of menus to chew and savor in Midnight Chicken. With the release of just four episodes, it offers plenty of topics to discuss, and while waiting for answers – which may be given or not – viewers have started to speculate, offer differing opinions, and promote the series by word of mouth.

This Moonlight Chicken Analysis is a collaboration between PsychoWeird and The BL Express, where they also did reactions/reviews of this GMMTV BL series.

The link is here: The Heart Behind Moonlight Chicken.


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