Moonlight Chicken (พระจันทร์มันไก่) is one of the most anticipated BL series of 2022 and the third collaboration of Earth-Mix (Earth Pirapat X Mix Sahaphap), with dir. Aof Noppharnach at the helm.


The latest trailer has been released just a few hours ago! Slated for an 8-episode series, it will air Feb 8, 2023 – Mar 2, 2023.

The casting news and teaser trailer were circa 2021, so BL fans are expecting an update soon! I’m tuning in at Instagram, especially dir. Aof accounts for more updates.

Teaser trailer for Moonlight Chicken featuring Earth-Mix. Note the excellent eye-acting between the actors and the nuanced performances of both | GMMTV


Moonlight Chicken tells the story of Jim (Earth Pirapat), an ordinary guy who sells Hainanese chicken rice for a living. He met Wen (Mix Sahaphap), a drunk customer in his diner. There was eye-to-eye contact, and the night that brings them both together created a feeling that is hard to comprehend. And let alone find an explanation for it. None of the two can’t stop thinking about each other despite Wen being linked to another man. Everything in their lives will never be the same after their first encounter. [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

First Impressions

Dir. Aof turns this rather complicated series into a clear and concise narrative of relationships. While Moonlight Chicken centers on the romantic liaison between Jim (Earth Pirapat) and Wen (Mix Sahaphap), the sidestory featuring the My School President leads who play Heart (Gemini Norawit) and Li Ming (Fourth Nattawat) added a particular dimension. Li Ming rebels against Jim, his older brother, when it comes to his independence. There is an underlying story behind the rebellion, and it’s been witnessed by Wen who appears sympathetic to the young boy.

Kapia (Khaotung Thanawat) ‘complicates things’ by being in love with Jim, thus offering a sort of love triangle -yet it’s quasi in nature. Credit to the series director for making the first two episodes straightforward and easy to navigate.

Jim (Earth Pirapat) and Wen (Mix Sahaphap) before things become complicated. Photo credit: GMMTV
  • The first episode explores the one-night stand narrative in that our lead characters had sex for the first time, and agree not to make it complicated;
  • Yet, their eyes speak! We know that this is not going to be a one-night stand, period.;
  • Wen’s apparent feelings for Jim is evident, and so he sets to work for the diner whilst sort of moonlighting (he has a job, a stable one at that!);
  • Jim distancing himself from Wen when it comes to another bout of sex, yet we know and it’s quite obvious that it’s not purely lust, as both men eye each other with growing passion;
  • I’ve been a silent witness to both Earth and Mix rise as a fantastic BL couple. They both developed an acting style all their own;
  • Heart and Li Ming will add spice and intensity to the series, I bet on it;
  • The Eclipse couple of Khaotung and First are set to provide conflict and drama, and it’s going to be juicy!

Here’s the link to Episode 1.

Notes on the Series

Note that Mix’s character Wen will be having an affair with Jim (Earth) while he’s in a relationship with another guy. The Jim-Wen dynamics will be a big departure from the duo’s previous role interaction in Tale of a Thousand Stars and Cupid’s Last Wish.

Dir. Aof Noppharnach with Earth Pirapat | @backaof

It also features one of the most exciting new faces (from the GMMTV roster of actors), Fourth Nattawat, who will star in his own BL series, My School President. His scenes interacting with his uncle Jim (Earth) appear intense and confrontational.

Fourth + Earth and plenty more! | @fourth.ig

Moonlight Chicken on Social Media

Dir. Noppharnach Chaiwimol, nicknamed Backaof, is the mastermind behind such series as Dark Blue Kiss, Still 2gether, 2gether: The Movie, He’s Coming to Me, Our Skyy, A Tale of A Thousand Stars, Bad Buddy Series, and this upcoming BL. That information alone is enough to render ‘quality’ for this upcoming drama.

Series already buzzing with excited anticipation:

What I admire of P’Aof the most is that he really knows what concept fits Earth-Mix the best. I will never imagine Earth-Mix portraying a school-Life type of BL. They fit best in Slice of Life, such as 1000 Stars, Cupid’s Last Wish, and Moonlight Chicken. | YouTube audience reaction

The fact that Earth-Mix is getting 2 series next year (2022) shows how much they love working with each other and how the staffs love to work with them. GMMTV doesn’t make the final decision if a BL pair will have a project or not, it’s the pairs deciding if they will take on the project. | Another audience reaction @YouTube

This is a continuous coverage of the Thai BL series Moonlight Chicken. News and updates will be posted as soon as they become available.