Known in the Boys Love universe as the spoiled brat Tian Sopasitsakun in the highly successful A Tale of a Thousand Stars, Mix Sahaphap is tailor-made and ready for stardom at a young age. Reports have it that casting agents surround Mix like bees to honey for ad campaigns in high school.


Being an animal lover, he pursues a Veterinary Medicine course. His pre-showbiz career can be summed up below, with plenty more personal milestones to follow:

Sahaphap entered the entertainment industry when he was selected as part of Chula Cute Boy. He participated in the parade of the Chula-Thammasat Traditional Football Match, being the one to summon the university flag. He is also a former member of the boy band Cute Chef, interpreting the single “Ma Ngung Ngung Ung Ung”, but later disbanded at end of 2018. [Profile at My Drama List (edited)]

Mix Sahaphap in GMMTV BL series A Tale of a Thousand Stars.
The massive BL hit in 2021 A Tale of a Thousand Stars has catapulted both Earth and Mix into the high spotlight | Screencaps | GMMTV

A Tale of a Thousand Stars aired its first episode in late January and has so far received positive reviews. Mix himself has been lauded by fans for his acting, with his expressive eyes especially noted. Fans have also requested that he be given more leading roles soon. | Does KPop Idol and BTS member Jin have a long-lost Thai twin? by Patti Sunio.

Mix Sahaphap in a casual pose.
“He loves wearing Supreme and has a merchandise line called XIW and endorsements with Lazada, Food Panda, and Burger King, which he posts about on Instagram” [Patti Sunio @SCMP]

Career Milestones

  • Under GMM management starting in 2019.
  • Officially entered the Thai entertainment industry in 2018 as the main host in School Rangers;
  • In 2021, the massive BL hit A Tale of a Thousand Stars put him further into the spotlight;
  • Pivotal roles in Half and Fish Upon the Sky followed in 2021. This year, he was – again – cast with ATTS co-lead Earth Pirapat for Cupid’s Wish;
  • EarthMix, the BL ship featuring Earth Pirapat and Mix was coined in response to their casting in the BL series A Tale of a Thousand Stars, which remains one of GMMTV’s most viewed series on Youtube;
  • Mix went on to partner with Earth in Cupid’s Wish and in the upcoming Moonlight Chicken series this last quarter of 2022;
  • Thai media loves to ask Mix to speak Kam Muang, a Northern Thai dialect, during press briefings;
  • His boyband Cute Chef Thailand debuted in 2018, disbanded, and made way for his showbiz entry;
  • The South China Morning Post SCMP posted an article last year comparing Mix to BTS’ Jin for their facial similarities. The press outside Thailand has already bestowed a sort of recognition to the Thai star as an international celebrity;
  • Before even reaching the age of 25, Mis is already into business (XIW) and promotes skincare products.

Acting Style

More than anything, Sahaphap’s biggest star factor is eye acting. While some BL stars resort to developing a sexy and daring image, Mix projects wholesome. In a way, it follows the time-tested formula by South Korean pop boy bands of projecting positive vibes and energy. Yet, we’re talking about boys love here, right?

Mix Sahaphap and Earth Pirapat reunites in GMMTV BL series Moonlight Chicken.
Mix apparently has set his mind on doing roles that challenge the norm – like his latest series with Earth Pirapat, Moonlight Chicken | Screenshots from teaser trailer | GMMTV

Mix does attempt to project an image that is outside the box – settling comfortably in portraying roles that are not limited to eye candy or teeny bopping. His role in Moonlight Chicken is that of a young man testing the waters and falling in love with someone who remains mysterious to himself while still living with a guy, his senior. That sort of character may not go well with some fans but Mix apparently has set his mind on doing roles that challenge the norm.

Social Media and the Press

Mix won the National Award for Outstanding Child & Youth and expresses his sentiments below:

Being an actor gives me media mileage (coverage). I want to use this as a platform to help society. For me, the important thing about working and studying at the same time is responsibility. I want to tell everyone to focus on doing their duty to the fullest. We may not be able to do everything at once. Because no one is good at everything but we just accept the responsibility and do as much as we can. That is already considered as being a good youth for society. [translated by YILOVEY with my edits]

In a recent interview, together with Earth Pirapat, the transcript is below:

Author’s Personal Statement

Unlike many fans, I don’t gear towards ‘shipping’, maybe because I’m impatient and prone to anger, so being too involved with the actors would probably give me heart attacks and I might suffer another stroke. While I can’t ‘protect’ my faves, I can write about them here and Mix Sahaphap is one of my ultimate five favorites. I’ve read those stupid, clueless fans about the EarthMix body-shaming incident and I’m boiling with anger. I hope those cuckoos would leave them alone, but I’m afraid they won’t. Anyway, Moonlight Chicken is coming up, so I’m preparing for my first blog-a-thon here.