Mignon is a South Korean BL anime. It features the story of a boxer and a vampire, and by watching its official trailer, I would assume this will be an exciting and progressive anime to anticipate this year.

After a short introduction to Korean BL anime [our growing list here], I came across this new Korean Boys Love animation that is yet to be released. It was reported to be slated for 2021, but until now it is still unreleased. The author is active on Twitter, so we can expect announcements will be made (maybe sooner than later).

The creator of Mignon is Bboong Bbyan Kkyu (Lewin) and he’s the same guy who did Hyperventilation (one of the most emotionally charged anime I’ve seen) and Unbelievable Space Love (an anime in outer space that is poignant and imaginative). So imagine the anticipation for his possibly third anime feature.


Anime blogger Yu Alexius has mentioned Mignon quite descriptively:

The animation follows a complex and exciting story of drama and desires. It revolves around a boxer named Mignon, and a vampire doctor Young-on Oh, who find solace in the presence of one another through an aggressive and romantic affair.

Anime storyline by Yu Alexius
Teasing BL anime fans! | @lewin00000

This is a continuous coverage of the Korean BL anime Mignon. News and updates will be posted as soon as they become available.