Is love sweeter the second time around? Japanese broadcasting giant MBS continues the tradition of releasing quality, heartfelt BL series with Love is Better the Second Time Around (恋をするなら二度目が上等). Makoto Hasegawa and Ryotoshi Furuya star as the love-crossed lovers who called it quits 10 years ago and reunite for work. The series is slated for a 05 March 2O24 broadcast.

Where to Watch Love is Better the Second Time Around?

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Business editor Akihiro Miyata (Makoto Hasegawa) invites University professor Takashi Iwanaga (Ryotoshi Furuya) to write a column for his publication. It’s not their first encounter since they used to be star-crossed lovers way back in high school. In still-to-be-explained circumstances, Miyata broke the affair completely sealed the romantic episode, and moved on. With his busy schedule and a girlfriend to boot, his ‘normal’ world is starting to unravel and collide with his dark past. Can Miyata and Iwanaga start all over again? [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]


I commend whoever made this trailer create such sexual tension between the characters! The main cast is more than photogenic, they look good on the screen, and you can feel the chemistry- given that we’re only given a glimpse of how they interact together, and with the other supporting cast! I’m so looking forward to this show!

Cast of Characters

Hasegawa Makoto is an artist – dancer, actor, photography buff, and fashion enthusiast. Makoto is a member of the group THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE and In The BLOOD EYES.

This year, he will play his first starring role in the TV drama Koi wo Suru nara Nidome ga Joto (Love Is Better The Second Time Around), an adaptation of the BL manga of the same title.

Says Hasegawa of his role:

This is my first time playing the leading role, so I’m really happy! Miyata (my character) is serious and enthusiastic about his work, but when he meets Takashi again, his life is thrown into disarray due to his past love life and his dark history and trauma. However, the relationship between the two is very endearing, and it is a drama that will make you feel a variety of emotions.

quotes from hasegawa makoto on the series’ official website

Ryotoshi [Robin] Furuya is known for his role in Kamen Rider Saber. Aside from acting, Robin is also a filmmaker based in Tokyo.

Many are asking why he’s named Robin and in a self-introduction YouTube video, he mentioned that his dad came from Hawaii, which makes him Japanese-American, thus the unique name. Here’s what he said about his character:

When I read the script, I saw Takashi’s relaxed, mature personality and his straightforward expressions of love, and I thought, “I wish I could be like this guy.” I would like to be able to express a sweet story of these two, Shin Hasegawa, who plays the role of Miyata, has a personality that is the complete opposite of Takashi, lovingly and maturely. I hope that while watching this work, you will sometimes chuckle, sometimes smile, and feel the warmth of the connections between people.


The tweet above shows the supporting casts of the upcoming BL drama.

Spotlight on the actors playing the younger version of the main characters

The younger versions of Miyata and Iwanaga are also turning heads, like the main actors. It appears both are being geared to handle high-profile roles shortly

Nose Rin (20) plays the young Iwanaga Takashi, a successful male fashion model born in Tokyo. He was also shortlisted by Elle Magazine (Japan) as one of the next-generation actors to watch in 2024. He has a reputation for displaying lifestyle and genre-less fashion on Instagram and YouTube – most of these styles are inspired by his favorite anime, manga, and games. He’s a regular member of Who is the Wolf? (S12), according to MyDramaList.

His flamboyant, exciting, and unique modeling style can be glimpse in this Dazed Korea fashion editorial.

  • Love is Better the Second Time Around - younger characters
  • Love is Better the Second Time Around - younger characters
  • Mochizuki Haruki
  • Nose Rin - Dazed Korea

Mochizuki Haruki (17) serves as the younger version of Miyata Akihiro. He’s into video production and photography.

Ever since I can remember, I have spent every waking moment creating. I started my creation (can you say art?) using papers and crayons, and leveled it up by incorporating a variety of materials.

Actor profile from his agency.

His agency profile is available here.

Director’s Personal Statement

Filmmaker Yuka Yasukawa, has directed the drama Jack Frost and the movie Unrequited Love, and is known for his fresh and beautiful visual expressions. A Grand Prix winner at the 14th TAMA New Wave and winner of the New Director prize at the 25th Japan Film Professional Awards.

Love Is Better The Second Time Around is Yasukawa’s latest directorial attempt as he returns to MBS to create another BL masterpiece.

From the moment of rehearsal, there was a loving atmosphere between the two of them, and I was able to go into the filming with the feeling that this was going to be a wonderful love story. Both Hasegawa-san and Furuya-san approach their roles honestly, and as they deepen their bond day by day, there are nice changes in their expressions as they think about each other, so I can see the world of these two becoming complete. I’m really looking forward to it.

director statement from the series’ official website

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