Great news for BL anime fans! LAFTEL will release 3 Boys Love anime this November 2022. These anime are 4 Week Lovers, Beauty and the Brawn, and No Love Zone.


If you’re new to Korean BL anime, then you may be curious as to the quality compared to Japanese BL anime or even those created by Mainland Chinese creators. I would say, Korean BL animation is becoming a favorite of mine. The emotional aspect and character development of some of the anime I’ve seen are just high-level and engaging. Hyperventilation is one of my favorites, so far.

Laftel tweeted 10 anime for release this November and 3 of them are boys love!


Beauty and the Brawn

Beauty and the Brawn is written and illustrated by Magic mangnani XXL. It’s a webcomic composed of 17 Episodes.

Laftel: Beauty and the Brawn

What about? Haeun is a nobleman who employs Dullseh a gorgeous and sexy manservant. Due to Dullseh’s attractive physique and charming demeanor, Haeun has been fantasizing about him a lot. Haeun targets Dullseh as his future lover without regard to school and political ambitions, yet he feels a bit shy to level up the relationship. While Dullseh is sexy and kind, he remains clueless about Haeun’s passionate stares and daydreaming. Can Haeun continue to control himself and not make the first move?

You can read the webcomic here.

4 Week Lovers

4 Week Lovers is another Laftel BL anime release for November. It’s written by Maroron and is a continuing webcomic with 79 episodes. Currently, there are 59 episodes already released and available for reading.

Laftel: 4 Week Lovers

What about? After an unsuccessful love confession, Jaehee felt humiliated by Dojun who disappears without so much of a goodbye. In University, the two met again. Not only that, they were supposed to be roommates! An accident forces Dojun to become closer to his love confessor. In fact, he has to become Jaehee’s pretend boyfriend.

You can read the webcomic here.

No Love Zone

Another Laftel BL anime to be released this month is No Love Zone. The webcomic is about to conclude with 80 episodes. There are now 78 episodes released, as of this writing. Written by Danbi, this latest BL anime is set n the office.

Laftel: No Love Zone

What about? Eunkyum always has the tendency to fall in love with guys who are good-looking. He just began to work and luck seems to be smiling at him. Yet, that seems to be the exact opposite of what’s about to happen. You see, his Boss appears to be targeting his very existence and wanted him to experience hell on earth! Can Eunkyum survive the continuing onslaught?

You can read the webcomic here.


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