It’s stalking time! What we have for you are 5 young, daring, and talented Korean actors who ventured into the world of Boys Love. With South Korea producing more and more BL series, even K-pop idols are joining casting go-sees.

Lee Chan Hyung – 이찬형 [My Sweet Dear]

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One of the hottest young Korean Actors around, Lee Chan Hyung (24), has already developed an impressive acting resume – with some notable K-drama lead character opportunities since 2019. He used to be a soccer player for 10 years but had to stop due to injury. Jang Eui Soo is on this stalk page!

Trailer: My Sweet Dear | WEtv

Yoon Do Gun (Lee Chan Hyung) is a talented chef and the culinary creative genius behind Laura Dining, a critically acclaimed restaurant. Although Yoon Do Gun’s hard work has won Laura Dining to the top of the South Korean restaurant scene, the restaurant owner and Yoon Do Gun are beginning to pull in very different directions.

The falling-out intensifies when the owner hires Choi Jung Woo (Jang Eui Soo) to work in the same kitchen. Although the two chefs begin on the wrong foot, the beginnings of an unlikely love story start to form.

Kang Hui – 강희 [Cherry Blossoms After Winter]

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Kang Hui (30, stands at 188 cm tall) is an actor-model, with several web drama projects including My Beautiful Laundrette and drama series such as The King in Love. He’s also heavily involved in Korean Fashion week, modeling for various designers, and had shootings for glossy fashion mags. He projects a strong personality in Cherry Blossoms After Winter and protects the bullied HaeBom (played by OK Jin Wook).

OK Jin Wook – 옥진욱 [Cherry Blossoms After Winter]

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This is OK Jin Wook (25) first BL drama, but he’s already into the Korean Pop scene as a member of Super Five. The production company did a great job in casting OK Jin Wook opposite the tall Kang Hui.

Trailer” Cherry Blossoms after Winter | WEtv

A romantic drama about the close bond between two youths. HaeBom (OK Jin Wook) carries the pain of losing his parents in an accident at the age of seven yet remains a kind, sincere, and independent person. Tae Seong (Kang Hui) spent his childhood alone and has had to do everything independently out of rebellion against his mother.

He becomes infinitely softer in front of HaeBom, of whom he feels protective.

Let’s stalk the 3 lead actors in Blue of Winter!

Min In Gi – 민인기 [Blue of Winter]

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Min In Gi (23) is a rookie Korean actor with a background in the production side of films. He is also adept at playing musicals. In Blue of Winter, he’s dating one of the judo guys and becomes part of the romantic triangle.

Jeon Yu Bin 전유빈 [Blue of Winter]

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Appealing young actor Jeon Yu Bin (24) is the prime attraction in the BL mini-series Blue of Winter. The young actor has done some idol projects and has shot a music video already.

Lee Jung Min – 이정민 [Blue of Winter]

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Lee Jung Min (22) is a rookie Korean actor with modeling experience and some music video appearances. I like the dynamics of these 3 young actors in Blue of Winter. Jung Min is cast in the South Korean version of Why R U, scheduled for 2022 or early 2023. The dual BL roles would make him one of the most promising young Korean Actors around.

Trailer: Blue of Winter | Sunset Studio

Blue Of Winter follows the story of Hyunwoo (Jeon YuBin) and Ji Seok (Min In Gi), third-year high school students who are dating, and Do Jin, a freshman who is known as a ‘judo genius’. Do Jin (Lee Jung Min) gets closer to HyunWoo, and DoJin’s love for HyunWoo, sprouts in his heart. However, his confession gets rejected.

Six years later, Do Jin becomes a gold medalist, Hyunwoo becomes a senior in college, and JiSeok returns to Korea after studying abroad. They endure their struggles alone and reunite for the first time in six years. The series features some promising young Korean Actors.

This is a continuing series, please stay tuned for Parts 3-5!

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