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Chu Young Woo – 추영우 – [You Make Me Dance]

Chu Young Woo for Allure Korea | @cu.young

Chu Young Woo (23) debuted as an actor in the BL drama You Make Me Dance. He plays an ambitious ballet dancer who has problems with his rental. Many observed how spontaneously he acted in said movie, which prompted casting in highly-sought after acting ops. He has been nominated for the “Best New Actor” award at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards for his roles in “Police University” and “School 2021”.

He’s currently trending for his new school drama with Red Velvet’s Joy in Once Upon a Small Town. This show and his BL movie You Make Me Dance prove that he’s one of the most promising Korean Actors around.

Trailer: You Make Me Dance | Rakuten VIKI

Song Shi On (Chu Young Woo) is a 22-year-old university student who is majoring in contemporary dance. His family disapproves of his lifestyle choices and career ambitions – and after a major row, he has been thrown out of the family home. A decision leads him to share a rooftop apartment with Jin Hong Seok (Won Hyung Hoon). The latter is a 28-year-old debt collector for the lending firm Chachacha Capital.

Jin Hong Seok’s days spent with Song Shi On change his perspective on life, and the duo forms a close bond that eventually turns romantic.

Lee Sae On – 이세온 -[Light on Me]

6 photos of Lee Sae On in gallery | @leesaeon

Performing as the nerdy, naivete newcomer in an all-boys school, Lee Sae On (26) exhibited a convincing child-like honesty that endeared him to one student council officer, while offending another. The drama is entitled Light On Me, and the dynamics between the 3 characters convinced many fans to declare the series one of Korea’s best BL. Sae On is in the definite run as one of the best young Korean Actors around.

Kang You Seok – 강유석 – [Light on Me]

Kang You Seok in profile | @youseok_

Lee Sae On’s arch-enemy turned passionate TLC-filled boyfriend – Kang You Seok (28) in the critically acclaimed Korean BL Light on Me. Expect plenty more romantic moments as the boys prepare for the second season, coming up! He made his debut in 2018, appearing in the movie “The Hymn of Death.” and never looked back.

Tae Kyung (Lee Sae On) is an 18-year-old high school student. He is also a lifelong loner. He starts questioning his own judgment and tells a teacher that he no longer wishes to go it alone. The problem is, that he has no idea how to start going about making new friends.

He meets the Vice President of the council, Shin Woo (Kang You Seok), who is cold toward him. He also meets the President of the council: Da On (Choi Chan Yi), who appears to take an instant shine on him. The beginnings of a romance appear to be in the cards for Da On and Tae Kyung, but Shin Woo does not seem to approve.

Choi Jae Hyun –  최재현 – [Peach of Time]

Choi Jae Hyun reading Akira | @choijaehyun7

Dreamy, dramatic, and utterly charming, Choi Jae Hyun (27) plays BFF to Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan in the Thai-Korean BL collab Peach of Time. While it has some sweet-fluffy moments, the actors tackle some relationship issues as well – making the BL project substantial and worth the watch.

Teaser: Peach of Time | WEtv

Peach, a 22-year-old Thai, takes a daring step in his life and decides to fly to Korea to meet his online Korean friend, Yun-oh. Everything seems perfect for Peach. He finally realized his dream! On top of that, as he stays at his friend’s house, the two can finally be together. But something just doesn’t seem right. Sung-suk, Yun-oh’s mother, seems to be cautious and reserved in Peach’s presence. She is quite harsh with her son.

Peach takes matters into his own hands and tries to mend the strained relationship. He also felt something deep towards his Korean friend.

Jang Eui Soo – 장의수 – [Where Your Eyes Linger, My Sweet Dear]

Eui Soo for Dazed | @jesoo122

From being a bodyguard and best friend in Where Your Eyes Linger, Jang Eui Soo (32) was ‘promoted’ to chef in My Sweet Dear. They made his hair longer and sexier too! He’s so photogenic because he’s a fashion model and at the young age of 32, he still projects an early 20s look. Eui Soo remains one of the best Korean Actors today.

Teaser: My Sweet Dear | WEtv

Yoon Do Gun (Lee Chan Hyung) is a talented chef and the culinary creative genius behind Laura Dining, a critically acclaimed restaurant. Although Yoon Do Gun’s hard work has won Laura Dining to the top of the South Korean restaurant scene, the restaurant owner and Yoon Do Gun are beginning to pull in very different directions.

The falling-out intensifies when the owner hires Choi Jung Woo (Jang Eui Soo) to work in the same kitchen. Although the two chefs begin on the wrong foot, adopting an adversarial stance toward one another, after getting to know one another, the beginnings of an unlikely love story start to form.

This is a continuing series, you can also read our series on Korean Actors in Part 2.

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