KinnPorsche Manila fan meet can only be described as a highly-successful venture. The cast of the popular Thai BL series KinnPorsche held their much-anticipated fan meeting in the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Reports said the tickets ranging from PhP1,500 – PhP7,000 (about USD140) were immediately sold out. Amidst the cheers and applause, one of the cast raised the LGBTQ+ flag in a show of support and solidarity.

P’Tong raises the LGBTQ+ flag!

Thanayut Thakoonauttaya (nicknamed Tong), or P’Tong raised the LGBTQ+ flag in a show of support and solidarity for the community and their fans. He further said, he’s proud of the LGBTQ+ community and appreciated the support for the series and the cast.

P’Tong plays one of the most colorful characters in the series – offering both comedic and dramatic moments that further spiced up what is already a hot-to-trot show.

KinnPorsche Manila Fan Meet reception

Some attendees described the venue as ‘electric’ and having a fiesta atmosphere – a mode where the audience appears like attending a family gathering with plenty of food and drinks.

Many fans were bothered by the heat, saying ‘they worry about the cast’, but everything appears fine and there are no reports of any ‘untoward’ incidents. One of the fans said:

When the fan meet was first announced, I saved enough money to get a nice place inside the venue. We often visit SM MOA in anticipation of the meeting. I’m from Baguio city, so it’s quite far from Manila, and my friends and I slept in a relative’s house in Caloocan (quite a bit far from MOA), so that we come prepared.

An attendee of KinnPorsche Manila Fanmeet

What KinnPorsche is all about

KinnPorsche, the series ended its season run on July 9th, 2022.

Trailer of KinnPorsche, the series | Be On Cloud

The series revolves around the romantic love affair of a mafia boss named Kinn (Mile Phakphum) and his hired bodyguard Porsche (Apo Nattawin). There are also side characters lending exciting, comedic, thoughtful scenes throughout the series.

KinnPorsche is part of PsychoWeird’s Mafia-Crime-themed BL series hitlist.

More upcoming Fan Meet

Fan meets will also be held in Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, and Ho Chi Minh City. Be On Cloud, the production company behind the series and also acts as talent management for some of the actors, considers Manila as their first venue meets due to the amazing support the cast received.