The human mind is a fascinating mystery! With this premise, the Japanese BL series Jack o’ Frost builds upon the memory of Okusawa Ritsu as he lost it, and with the help of his lover, Ikegami Fumiya regains it. But there’s a catch, they fought bitterly, which is why he lost his memory in the first place.

Japanese network MBS launches Jack o’ Frost (ジャックフロスト) its 6th BL franchise right after Ameiro Paradox, in what promises to be both a bittersweet and sentimental journey between two lovers.


Official trailer/teaser Jack o’ Frost | MBS Network (C) All Rights Reserved

Where to watch Jack o’ Frost?

GagaOOLala is streaming the BL series with a subscription. The premiere episode link is here.

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MBS created a promotional website for Jack Frost, with this long synopsis:

Jack o’ Frost tells the tale between an illustrator Okusawa Ritsu and a salesman Ikegami Fumiya. They met at an old coffee shop and eventually fell in love and lived a happy life together. However, the relationship between Ritsu, who lives as he pleases, and Ikuya, who is swayed by Ritsu, gradually becomes complicated. After a fight one winter day, Ritsu leaves home and is involved in an accident and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, Ritsu has lost only his memories of Ikuya.

Wanting to restart their relationship from scratch, Ikuya hid the fact that he was dating Ritsu and resumed living together. However, in order to regain his memory, Ritsu asks Fumiya to take him to a familiar place. Although there’s reluctance, the two of them decide to start a “journey” to trace the origin of their relationship. The coffee shop they met for the first time, the riverside road they used to walk on, the place they traveled together before they started dating.

Sweet and bittersweet memories, the time between the two passes through Ikuya’s mind. On the other hand, Ritsu finds himself gradually attracted to Ikuya, even though he has lost his memories of him.

JACK FROST Synopsis from mbs
While amnesia/lost memory is a common trope in drama, the BL component makes it a novelty. | MBS Network (C) All Rights Reserved
Episode 3 can be considered one of the best episodes so far. The intimate scene between the two characters is so pure, it was just perfect! | MBS Network (C) All Rights Reserved

First Impressions

You can say this series has a certain elegance and charm. The cinematography (inside their abode), and the city landscape are gorgeous and well-thought-of. Jack o’ Frost is the very example of an elegant BL series that is also romantic and sentimental in all the right places. The cast is gorgeous and donning winter clothes makes them look so good – singularly and together.

  • Suzuki Kosuke playing Fumiya is charming in a very personal way. His acting appears tentative, yet he comes out strong and fills the screen with an honest take on his character. He is convincing as a lover willing to start all over again, and he is doing the courtship ritual sweetly and consciously;
  • Honda Kyoya matches Kosuke in the looks department and may even be more attractive of the two, yet that’s debatable! Kosuke has the benefits of acting exposure via Takara kun to Amagi kun where he plays the best buddy of one of the leads;
  • While amnesia/lost memory is a common trope in drama, the BL component makes it a novelty. So it’s quite contrary to what other people are saying. The prevalent BL themes appear to be apocalyptic and mafia crimes.
  • Episode 3 is my favorite so far. Their love scene is intimate and done in good taste. It feels that they are in character and even in such intimacy, would ask ‘permission’ to do certain acts, as some Japanese are known to do. This short but notable scene shows love in its purest form;
  • After 3 episodes, Jack o’ Frost is already one of my BL 2023 favorites – I know it’s quite early to say that, but hey – some series can really get into you from the very beginning.

Lead Cast and their Characters

The model actor Honda Kyoya is tasked to play Ritsu. In contrast, Suzuki Kosuke (who plays a supporting character in a previous BL “Takara-kun & Amagi-kun”) plays his lover, Fumiya. Both are celebrated young actors in Japan, with plenty of TV series and full-length films to their credits.

Model and actor Honda Kyoya from his official Instagram
Kosuke Suzuki from his official Instagram

Some amazing and gorgeous shots from the series are shown below:


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