He’s Coming to Me is Intense and ‘Hauntingly Beautiful’

Some people wonder why GMMTV’s He’s Coming to Me (HCTM) is not as popular as 2Gether. Or even SOTUS, and Lovesick to name a few. Perhaps it was not meant to be.



Maybe it’s only meant for those who like reminiscing about the past or enjoy supernatural elements in the narrative. Or perhaps fans want to watch Singto romancing someone else other than Krist. Perhaps none of these reasons even matter.

I think the beauty of this sentimental BL drama is the amount of effort put into it. That includes the people who work in front and behind the camera. Somehow, magically, it traverses into people’s hearts and minds.


In the early months of 2019, international BL fans clamor for He’s Coming to Me. It’s a BL series from GMMTV. There were no available English subs. The network appears to be ‘uninterested’ in releasing the show on YouTube with the same privileges afforded other shows. I believe it was only available on LINE TV without English subs. Here’s a timeline that led to HCTM becoming a favorite among discriminating BL audiences:

  • Rumors about a supernatural BL show began circulating during the 3rd quarter of 2018. Since HCTM is a live-action adaptation, fans search for clues;
  • The source of the live-action series was discovered to be “He Came to See me at Qing Ming Festival” or “They’re Celebrating Qingming Festival Next to my Grave” by Larza;
  • Directed by Aof Noppharnach, HCTM was one of the thirteen television series for 2019 launched by GMMTV in their “Wonder Th13teen” event on 5 November 2018;
  • Spring News posted the launch of Wonder Th13teen on 6 November 2018;
  • On April 2019, Gcinee (a video streaming site without proper licensing) released HCTM with crude English subtitles, and viewers flock to watch the show. Kiss Asian follows and posted HCTM videos from Gcinee. Facebook pages and groups, and the AMINO app also posted links to the videos;
  • HCTM won Best Dramatic Scene (Singto Prachaya and Ohm Pawat) at the LINE TV Awards 2020;
  • GMMTV finally released HCTM on YouTube with English subs on Nov 15, 2020. While it has garnered close to 1.7 million views, that statistic is understated due to the views HCTM received from the time it was streamed in April 2019 (or earlier) until October 2020 from other sites/portals.


Med (Singto Prachaya Ruangroj) died over 20 years ago with no one ever looking after his grave. Now, living as a ghost, all he does is sit and lie all day waiting for someone to visit him. Usually, it was during Qingming day. That event happens only once every year. One day, a boy named Thun (Nattapat Nimjirawat), together with his father, visits the cemetery. He comes across Med’s untended grave and decides to offer some food. He promises to come back every year.

Med soon discovers that the now teenage Thun (Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee) can actually see him. Thun’s attention makes Med feel good about their relationship. Until finally, he gets to stay in Thun’s dorm. Thun’s affection for Med fuels his desire to find out the truth – about the mystery surrounding his death.

What makes ‘He’s Coming to Me’ special?

  • Have you ever wondered why some people love to watch drama with supernatural elements? Perhaps they missed a special someone – a parent, a child, a romantic partner, a good friend. Since movies were made, there are a few special films that push this ‘boundary’ of individuals hovering between death and the hereafter. Hollywood movies like Ghost and Somewhere in Time come to mind;
  • Some may find the comparison with Hollywood to be far-fetched, but is there any difference between a lonely boy finding love, with Demi Moore loving her dead husband? Or Christopher Reeves chasing Jane Seymour somewhere in time? Love is love as they say;
  • If you’ve seen the Japanese supernatural-music film Our 30 Minute Sessions (Kitamura Takumi + Mackenyu) and their ghost-body switching dynamics, and Singto-Ohm interaction in HCTM. Not to mention the Walkman and the ever-changing ‘liquidity’ of the ghost’s presence…
Singto Prachaya and Ohm Pawat star in He's Coming to Me, one of the best Thai BL series.
A photo of Singto and Ohm pantomiming the illustration of He’s Coming to Me, taken from LoveWithoutGender site

More Reasons Why

  • You know a great series by the name of its creator. Director Noppharnach Chaiwimol (Backaof) is a detail-oriented filmmaker. He creates scenes that are seemingly unconnected. He uses hints, signs, and symbols to create an effect of continuity. He allows his actors to invest emotions in their scenes;
  • Reincarnation and Buddhism from the viewpoints of Thai artists;
  • Original Thai music that resonates with so many feelings;
  • Singto Prachaya is way ahead of his time – acting, personality, and the whole package. His co-stars in SOTUS could barely match his acting skills. Pairing him with Ohm Pawat must be a casting scoop – with Ohm just about taken in by GMMTV (as reported by the press);
  • Ohm Pawat‘s ‘coming out’ scene and the rooftop crying scene are two of the most emotionally-charged BL series highlights to ever grace Asian TV screens, mobile phones, and computer monitors;
  • The fact that HCTM is hauntingly beautiful is a good enough reason for a grumpy relic like me!

Trailers | Teasers

When the second-lead actor is as good as the lead. In this specific rooftop scene, Ohm proves why he’s the Prince of BL drama! | GMMTV

Double Whammy: Behind the scene takes on the much-anticipated kiss! and the coming out scene with Intira Jaroenpura (playing as Kwan, Ohm’s Mom) | GMMTV

Excerpts from Fans’ Reviews

“Dramas that hit you with a gay tear-jerker roof/balcony scene are always ALWAYS the best of the best. For example, He’s Coming to Me and Bad Buddy. To be fair though, Ohm Pawat crying on a roof simply hits different.” mediacircuspod @Tumblr

Considering the spiritual and philosophical nature of Buddhism, acknowledgment of the spirit would be more the norm than the exception. For me, it’s when the Monk started to speak about making merit for someone else. The eye shift of the monk and the camera focus caught my attention. The mention of Karma, considering how everything played out was for all of them. The interaction in the street scene confirmed it for me. I really respect this director. He’s subtle but direct in what he wants from a scene. He is almost demanding viewers to pay attention to the minute details. For me, this series made watching raw wonderful. Comment at Soompi Forum

The scene in EP 5 where Thun goes to the rooftop scene is the most emotional scene. I can say that from the many shows I have watched. Very few, if any, could match the intensity of the sadness, despair, and fear that were demonstrated in that scene. I have to commend Ohm Pawat for that scene, for he conveyed raw and full emotions to us viewers. | Review by DanTheCampsCorner

Personal Statement from the Author

As an international BL fan since 2007 and there are only a few by then. I have come to realize certain facts – not everyone wants sentimentality, and not everyone appreciates deep and thought-provoking shows. Many are happy just to feel happy, without having to worry about silly philosophical discourses or urgent economic-socio-political issues. Many simply want to escape the pressures of everyday life. They want to enjoy a fluffy, sweet, and romantic show. That’s what BL can offer, in its limited capacity.

But certain filmmakers have their own personal agendas. Political or otherwise, they have invaded the BL universe to espouse their ideals. With that comes competition and that’s why He’s Coming to Me fails to impress fans out for fun. Yet, here’s a thought: Are grumpy relics like me have a say on that? I think I do. Younger generations flock to Twitter or Facebook or Instagram to post their instant reviews and reactions. I stay here in this bottomless pit of a website to post mine.

He’s Coming to Me is currently in the Top 10 on our hitlist of the Best BL shows from Asia-Pacific.

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  1. I really liked He’s Coming To Me. Ohm shows his range and Singto proves he does not have to appear with Krist. This series deserves far greater recognition than it received. Again, an entire GMM cast proved their worth in the fantasy story. Perhaps is it the director who brings the most out of the leads as he did with Bad Buddy. I hope more will find it now that Bad Buddy has had such success.

    • Asian Popsicle

      Yes, it should have been promoted better. The same with Bad Buddy. If it’s budgetary constraints, I hate to say this but what’s the priority then?

  2. They should have promoted He’s Coming to Me. It was a great series.

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