Hee Su in Class 2 “is a bittersweet romance between two high school boys played by K-Pop idols.” That sounds like a deviation from the original source, or is it?


Variety, an entertainment industry authority site posted news a few days ago, about Hee Su in Class 2 among the projects from Peter Chan. Chan is one of the most admired film producers from Asia and his new company Changin’ Pictures will take charge of a diverse list of projects, including Hee Su in Class 2. That makes this new BL series a prestigious one to watch out for. You can read the original source from Lezhinus.


Hee Su in Class 2: Illustration
Lily's webtoon 2반이희수

Hee Su (Ahn Ji Ho) already accepted the fact that he’s sort of a wallflower. He adores his friend Chan Young (Jo Joon Young) with all his heart and will serve his every need in the blink of an eye. Most often, he serves as Chan Young’s fashion adviser, stylist, and overall errand boy.

Then all of a sudden, he became ‘news’. It appears that students began calling him a sort of young love guru. He’s supposed to be the go-see person when it comes to love issues and he can solve all their woes. Finding himself the center of attention, Hee Su has to rethink what else can he do – when he can’t even solve his own love problem. Then there’s Kim Seung Won (Lee Sang Jun)… [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Cast of Characters

Hee Su in Class 2: Casting and character comparison
Characters/Cast (From top): Ahn Ji Ho plays Hee Su, Jo Joon Young is Chan Young, and Lee Sang Jun plays Seung Won.

Ahn Ji Ho (18) is a South Korean actor who began working as a child actor in movies at the age of 12, appearing in the 2016 film “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned”. In 2020, he made his TV debut in the crime thriller series, “Nobody Knows.” Ji Ho plays the titular role of Hee Su. He used to be a wallflower with nobody bothering him for attention. Until rumors started to circulate that he can solve romantic-love woes.

Jo Joon Young (19) is a South Korean actor managed by SM Entertainment. He made his acting debut in 2020. He plays Joo Chan Young. Chan Young likes to date girls, yet his relationships never reach the serious stages due to a lack of emotional investment, so to speak.

Lee Sang Jun (24) is an up-and-coming South Korean actor. He made his debut in 2021 when he appeared in “Drama Stage Season 4: Love Spoiler” and the drama series “Blue Birthday.” He plays Kim Seung Won. Seung Won is a reserved young boy who adores Heesu yet could not take the extra mile to propel his liking the other boy into a friendly relationship. Certain events enable him to finally approach Heesu and they become closer.

More about the characters from Yaoi Fandom.

Changin’ Pictures and Peter Chan

Funding solves more than half the problem of any series. Let’s now see where Hee Su in Class 2 has progressed in a few weeks. For now, the below news is enough to whet our appetites:

Giving Changin’ Pictures an immediate calling card for K-content-starved streamers, the firm’s first two projects into production are both Korean. Although stylistically different, both are adapted from popular webtoons, giving them an already established fan base.

“ONE: High School Heroes” is an action-packed series about a picked-on high school kid who transforms himself into a bully-bashing hero. Production is by Covenant Pictures (“Desperate Mr. X”). Hee Su in Class 2 is a bittersweet romance between two high school boys played by K-Pop idols. Production is by Film K (“Exit,” “Escape from Mogadishu”).

Peter Chan Launches Changin’ Pictures, Filmmaker-Led Asian TV Producer (EXCLUSIVE) | Excerpt from Variety

Peter Chan has worked with John Woo and Jackie Chan, among others.

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