Grand Guignol is an original Horror-Boys Love movie by director Hashimoto Hajime. It stars two previously billed BL actors Komiya Rio and Sota Ryosuke.

Hashimoto Hajime is an acclaimed Japanese director. He specializes in action-thrillers. Hajime helms the upcoming horror movie Grand Guignol. Hajime did the acclaimed film, Phone Call to the Bar and the Aibou TV drama series franchise (running at 21 seasons already).


Itsuki Homura (Komiya Rio, 19, also the main actor in the BL series Eternal Yesterday) is a transfer student to an all-boys school. The school is on an isolated island and admits problematic students. While it is self-sufficient, there is no functioning communication line. Travelling is also restricted and prohibited. As a way of life, students are busy in their study groups. Homura joins a group on the 19th-century French drama ‘Grand Guignol’. There is something sinister about this drama that is dedicated to mystery, and cruelty. Somehow this theme began to translate into the school itself. [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

The film is for release on 18 October 2022. International viewers await this film and may see it only after a year. Uragami Seishu (22), Sota Ryosuke (24, star of Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss!), Ichikawa Riku (23), and Sasamori Hiroki (25) joins Komiya as the main cast.