GMMTV is arguably Thailand’s premier creator of BL content. While smaller production companies are releasing bolder, albeit economical BL series, the worldwide BL audience still relies on GMMTV to create the best BL.

One month before the end of 2022, here are some of the most significant milestones from the giant BL Thai Network.

GMMTV’s 2023 offerings: Diversely Yours

Following tradition, GMMTV will announce new shows, couples (a.k.a. BL ships), and rookie actors who will grace upcoming projects for 2023. Among the most eagerly awaited performers are Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Ohm Pawat, Nanon Korapat, Perth Tanapon, Pond-Phuwin, Earth-Mix, and more. There are about 20 top stars from the network and approximately 100 up-and-coming and supporting/character actors who will play pivotal roles in these new projects.

There are 3 BL series that remain without release dates but were reported to be for 2022: Moonlight Chicken, Never Let Me Go, and My School President.

The gallery of stars can be browsed below.

  • Win Metawin
  • Chmon Wachirawit
  • Perth Tanapon
  • Off Jumpol
  • Bright Vachirawit
  • Earth Pirapat
  • Ohm Pawat
  • New Thitipoom
  • Tay Tawan
  • Gun Atthaphan
  • Mix Sahaphap
  • Phuwin Tangsakyuen
  • Pond Naravit
  • Nanon Korapat
  • Joong Archen

GMMTV launches 2nd Japanese Exhibition

GMMTV is launching an exhibition in Japan this coming December 22-23, 2022. The said event will be held in five major cities in Japan. This is the second time the network is having an exhibition of their drama series and the actors who star in these shows.

GMMTV Japanese Exhibition

The network’s power BL couples including OhmNanon, BrightWin, TayNew, EarthMix, PondPhuwin, and OffGun are reported to be gracing the exhibition.

Mek Jirakit leaves GMMTV

Mek Jirakit Thawornwong of Sky In Your Heart fame announces his departure from GMMTV.

The actor is reported to be pursuing a solo acting career outside the agency. Mek has been with GMMTV for many years, as well as his sister, Mook Worranit. Aside from Sky In My Heart, Mek also starred in projects like Kiss, Kiss Me Again, Dark Blue Kiss, U-Prince sequels, The Gifted, and many more.

Excitement for Never Let Me Go reaches fever-pitch high!

Never Let Me Go: PondPhuwin and dir. Jojo Tichakorn
PondPhuwin rides a bike with series director Jojo Tichakorn

The PondPhuwin ship of Pond Naravit and Phuwin Tangsakyuen endures. Their latest project, Never Let Me Go, continues to hug the spotlight with new and fresh photos and news tidbits.

In the Mafia-Crime-Themed BL, Phuwin plays the role of the young master who heads a syndicate, while Pond serves as his bodyguard. Never Let Me Go is a big departure from their previous school-based BL Fish Upon the Sky.

Aea Ravipon arrested for alleged sexual harassment

Aea Ravipon, an assistant director from GMMTV, was arrested in the first week of November 2022. A complaint was filed alleging that he was harassing a 15-year-old boy who auditioned for a BL role. Ravipon is currently working on two upcoming BL series, My School President and Moonlight Chicken.

GMMTV issued a statement regarding the company’s position on Ravipon’s case. A tweet (with an English translation) says that GMMTV did not authorize Ravipon to audition for anyone outside the company’s premises and that if Ravipon is found guilty, he will get fired.

While not expecting GMMTV to play an active role in his case, at least, they should police their ranks and weed out predators who prey on the young and (presumed) innocent.

It was reported that the parents of the 15-year-old aspiring actor cooperated with the Director of the Child Sexual Abuse Center and the police. The young boy was reported to have been told to ‘masturbate’ during the said audition.

The source of news comes from the Thai entertainment portal Sanook.