GMMTV 2023 offerings: Diversely Yours- 10 Amazing Series for 2023!

GMMTV 2023 offerings feature eight BL (from full-blown to light) and another two (with bromance, at least). Figuring prominently are the top guns of GMMTV’s roster of talents – OffGun, TayNew, EarthMix, OhmNanon, PondPhuwin, and the junior ships.

GMMTV CEO gives recognition to three BL series during his opening notes – Bad Buddy Series, A Tale of a Thousand Stars, and 2Gether the series. Both TTS and 2Gether won 2 awards, while Bad Buddy grabbed one.

Here are GMMTV 2023 offerings:

Dangerous Romance

Main roles: Perth Tanapon and Chimon Wachirawit

What about? A rich kid with issues named Kanghan (Perth Tanapon) falls for a working student, Sailom (Chimon Wachirawit) whom everyone wants to use for their own personal gains. Will their societal status be their downfall or salvation? Be my guest!

Without wind, how can a windmill spin?

Are you hitting on me?

KanGhan (perth) philosophizing with sailom (chimon).

And so? Series dir. Lit Phadung Samajarn is not exactly keen on controlling his actors and may prefer the intense over-the-top acting like what Krist Perawat did in the SOTUS franchise and his nonchalance with My Engineer’s boring main leads/ What we have here are two excellent actors – Perth Tanapon and Chimon Wachirawit. There is an immediate spark from the moment the two actors share the screen! What more with the whole drama series ahead?

Cherry Magic (Thailand)

Series presentation of Cherry Magic at GMMTV 2023 program | Screencap from YouTube

Main Roles: Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom

What about? A remake of the highly-successful Japanese BL series of the same title, it tells about a young man named Achi (New Thitipoom) who reads the minds of anyone he touches. The fact that he’s still a virgin at the age of 30 is another novelty about him. There’s this attractive and hardworking guy Karan (Tay Tawan) who appears like a distant co-worker – actually has a crush on him!

And so? TayNew at the GMMTV program reveal that they were not originally ‘supposed’ to be cast for the show, yet here they are. Fans noted that the duo has had no BL series for 2 years. The Japanese original version is a hard act to follow, but TayNew is already a BL force to reckon with.

Our Skyy2

Main Roles: OhmNanon, EarthMix, FirstKhaotung, PondPhuwin, JoongDunk, JimmySea, GeminiFourth, and BookForce

What about? Following the theme of the first series (Our Skyy), it follows the evolving tales of Tian and Phupha (A Tale of Thousand Stars), Pran and Pat (Bad Buddy), Khabkluen and Daonuea (Star and Sky: Star in My Mind), Nuengdiao and Palm (Never Let me Go), Chay and Gun (A Boss and a Babe), Talay and Puen (Vice Versa), Akk and Ayan (The Eclipse), and Tin and Gun (My School President).

And so? The clamor for Bad Buddy S2 remains loud and clear, to which no direct response has yet been given. This may be considered a consolation. However, there are plenty of stories featuring 7 other ships that are worth more than the time waiting for more and here we are!

Double Savage

Main Roles: Ohm Pawat and Perth Tanapon

What about? A tale of two brothers (Ohm and Perth) who turned both their worlds upside down as a result of sibling rivalry, jealousy, and intense familial fallout. Yet, is there something we missed here? Perhaps a ‘trick’ spun upon the brothers – who obviously – adore each other from a previous time?

And so? This is an acting showdown of the highest caliber and it’s not even BL. Both Ohm Pawat and Perth Tanapon are – obviously – equipped to render eye acting, aside from doing extensive body language and effective dialogue delivery. Their unique character interpretation gives them the edge over many GMMTV actors.

Last Twilight

Main Roles: Jimmy Jitaraphol and Sea Tawinan

What about? Another modern take on the rich boy, poor boy theme with Jimmy playing Mork, a down-and-out youngster who is forced to take the job of a caretaker. He’ll be nursing Day (Sea Tawinan), a withdrawn rich kid who suffers from blindness. Day has about 180 days before the lights completely vanish. Is that enough to cultivate a budding romance between the two?

And so? Based on a short teaser, I find the story to be totally absorbing. With Aof Noppharnach, directing, there is pretty much nothing that could go wrong here. Jimmy Jitaraphol – finally – arrives as a competent young actor!

Hidden Agenda

Main Roles: Joong Archen and Dunk Natachai

What about? Zo (Dunk Natachai) is a clueless, naive young freshie who wanted to hit on one of the campus popular gal named Nita. To pursue the girl, he decided to employ the services of Nita’s former boyfriend, Joke (Joong Archen). However, the dating tips turned a bit ‘weird’ as Joke seems to be coaching Zo to fall for him instead of the girl!

And so? JoongDunk comes fresh from the ultra-annoying Star and Sky: Star in My Mind – where Archen was made to portray an extreme dumbass, and a storyline where miscommunication after miscommunication seems to be the agenda every day. I like Joong Archen since he was cast in 2 Moons 2, and I know he needs acting training (a lot!). His dynamics with Dunk Natachai could have gone to the BL stratosphere if they were handled properly. I’m hoping that Hidden Agenda could change all my impressions of this ship – acting-wise and everything else.

Knowing that it’s director Tee Bundit Sintanaparadee who will handle them is good enough for me.

A Boss and A Babe

Main Roles: Book Kasidet and Force Jiratchapong

What about? Force Jiratchapong plays Gun a young business executive running an e-sports company. He employs a gamer named Chay (Book Kasidet) to do certain errands that appear mundane and out of the ordinary. Yet Chay wonders what Gun’s true intentions are. Is there something underneath his cool exterior?

And so? Coming from Enchante, the duo of Force and Book will try to ‘enchant’ the BL fans once again. Hopefully, this new project can steer away from boring moments, and come up with some spicy, fiery stuff. The teaser in itself has shown such promise already!

Cooking Crush

Main Roles: Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan

What about? A medical student named Ten (Off Jumpol) wants to learn how to cook since everyone can cook! He approaches one of the owners of a restaurant, Prem (Gun Atthaphan) to get pointers. What started as Prem’s way to milk some money for his food business turned out to be less of a business and more of a romance.

And so? This is OffGun in another BL series. They have always been consistent from Puppy Honey (2016) to the acclaimed romantic crime-thriller Not Me (2021), so I expect nothing less.

Only Friends

Main Roles: First Kanaphan, Khaotung Tanawat, Book Kasidet, Force Jiratchapong, Mark Pakin, and Neo Trai.

What about? Attractive males who appear to be sexually fluid yet target the same sex (all the same). Set in a night bar, there are – at least – three foremost stories about love and romance, sexual appetite and infidelity, and everything else in between.

And so? A Thai modern take on mise en scène done with lots of improvisation such as the juxtaposition of scenes and characters. Yup! Series dir. Jojo Tichakorn Phukhaotong employs various visual strategies to focus on his many actors – with diverse characters and screen presence. Mark Pakin (playing Nick) shines with his emotional attachment to Boston (Neo Trai) who only wants sex. Of course, FirstKhaotung lights up the screen with steamy scenes.

Wednesday Club

Main Roles: Ohm Pawat, Nani Hirunkit, Phuwin Tangsakyuen, Joong Archen

What about? The tales of impressionable middle children who are trying to find their place in the world. Angsty, adventurous, with hidden desires and aspirations, these kids love to play (and play hard) while exploring their sexuality and resolving romantic entanglements. Palee (Nani Hirunkit) and Kong (Ohm Pawat) appear as rivals of sorts, yet their smoldering stares could mean something else. Kun (Phuwin) looks ready to compromise his integrity in exchange for money.

And so? A list of top-notch actors led by the prolific Ohm Pawat, ably supported by Joong Archen, Phuwin, and Nani Hirunkit. An updated take on Hormones, if you ask me.

NOTE: The series selected above is more on the BL side than anything else. There are more GMMTV 2023 offerings that are not featured here. You can browse the full list at MyDramaList.


The Bad Buddy saga continues!

Our Top 19 Best BL series (2022 Edition) is ready for another update!

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  1. There certainly is a lot to chew on here. You may have noted I absolutely loved Bad Buddy and am rather pleased we are getting just one episode rather than a season 2. As Ohm noted at the press conference, Bad Buddy already had its happy ending. What would a season 2 give us? A falling out so they could be brought back together at the end? I am happy with this and that P’Aof is directing. I am not familiar with all of the Our Sky stories so I might have to catch up.
    I am not looking forward to another episode of Enchante. I found it boring and Book needs acting lessons. I realize that is not a popular opinion, but two handsome people do not mean a good performance. The stroyline was rather absurd anyway. They are also together again in Only Friends! I am certainly not looking forward to A Boss and A Babe either. It looks like GMM is really trying to make that ship sail.
    Maybe a single episode for JoongDunk will be better than that absurd storyline of constant miscommunication we saw in Star in My Mind. That series needed a screenwriter.
    Since the Japanese version of Cherry Magic was so highly regarded, I find it interesting to see it done again with Tay and New. I am looking forward to this.
    Perth and Chimon is an interesting pairing. I will watch for sure.
    I am surprised they are back with another Jimmy/Sea pairing so quickly. Of course, it is GMM so it might not even air next year.
    Happy to see Nonkul, Chanon Santinatornkul, in a GMM series, Find Yourself. He is also finally doing a BL in the WeTV series I Feel You Linger In The Air. I like his acting in other series and the movie, Bad Genius.
    I am happy to see Ohm has two more series. He seems to be leaving his school days behind. I can not say I am excited about Nanon in The Jungle. It looks like he gets to be a bad boy. They have Krist in that series since he does not seem to be too welcome in the BL genre right now.

    • Asian Popsicle

      Indeed, plenty to chew!

      I have not watched Ohm Pawat say that about Bad Buddy so it’s good enough for me as long as my faves are happy with it. And you’re right, what’s the need for a S2 if it will just create unnecessary conflict only to reunite after? Been there, seen that.

      Perth-Chimon pairing is giving me all the right vibes. I know that Chimonac has been paired with lots, but Perth is a consummate actor just like him, so it will be acting showdowns after acting showdowns for both.

      Having unpopular opinion is what we stands for. I mean, it’s not easy to regard oneself as plastic, which in our case, we are not. JoongDunk’s characters in that forgettable series are just weird – in the worst kind of way. I know it launched their ship, but what happens with the sail? The anchor is not on solid sea ‘ground’.

      ForceBook, like JoongDunk may require some acting lessons. I do hope they make better actors right now, but they are not.

      Last Twilight is giving me plenty of nostalgic vibes, and yes – Cherry Magic – Japanese version – is a hard act to follow, but I have faith in TayNew. I think they will be amazing.

      • Ohm spoke at OurSky2 annoucement and mentioned how BBS had a good ending, but he did admit that he and Nanon missed Pat and Pran. Nanon said that P’Aof told him a little of the storyline and he liked it. I am hoping for a good show.

        Perth will get to show off his skills with Ohm as well as Chimon. I wonder now if GMM encouraged Ohm to have Perth on ON Friend CIty along with Thai.

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