Ghost Host Ghost House is a supernatural BL with ghosts, spirits, and mentions of the afterlife. It stars Tod Techit Panyanarapon and Boy Nattapon Wongvanich. The unlikely couple progresses into a developing romantic relationship as a result of ghost hunting.


Kevin (Tod Techit) is a live streamer who specializes in ghost hunting. He tells stories related to ghosts and the supernatural. To further his streaming, he returns to Thailand to temporarily resides in his relative’s abode. He meets Pluem (Boy Nattapon), an energetic and opinionated gardener, “whose presence fills Kevin’s sadness and loss”. While his relatives exhibit certain absurd and uncanny attitudes and behaviors, Kevin and Pluem develop a relationship that somehow enlightens both of their lives. [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Initial Impressions

While it may be a simple production, Ghost Host Ghost House main players Tod Techit and Noy Nattapon show good enough chemistry to warrant further watching. Yes, the supernatural elements are predictable (like the relatives being ghosts and all). Yet exploring the relationship between the American-born Kevin and the gardener Pluem sounds fun. The guys have chemistry no doubt about that. And the antagonistic way Kevin delivers his retort to the opinionated Pluem is both funny and endearing.

I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this Thai BL drama. Even the supporting characters are likable, and I think the next episodes will feature more fun and surprises.

Ghost Host Ghost House on Social Media

Commercial-free watching of Ghost Host Ghost House is available at gagaOOLala.

Tod Techit (21) is cast in the problematic Love Area (Part 1-2) by the producers of the old BL series Love Sick. Said BL series is also quite problematic. Hopefully, this new series offers more of Techit’s acting ability. Co-star Boy Nattapon (27) seems perfect for the part of the gardener – who has an opinion. Their interaction is funny and engaging.

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