Respect the opinion of others, even if you don’t agree with it. No one has the right to insult or bully another just because his opinion runs counter to you. Also, don’t spam us.

Psycho-Weird does not accept posts, comments, or behavior that:

  1. Disparage race, ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, region, sexual orientation, age, physical characteristics, disabilities, or other parts of a person’s identity outside their control, by slurs or other means.
  2. Likely to disrupt, provoke, attack, or offend others. This includes, but is not limited to, objectification, sexually explicit or suggestive content, trolling, microaggressions, personal attacks, harassment, unwanted flirting, rehashing grievances across time and different threads (vague posting), dragging out or inciting drama, and more, depending on context.
  3. Minimize and/or trivialize the impact of bigotry, discrimination, and the lived experiences of others, particularly fellow site members and marginalized groups.
  4. Include identifying information such as phone numbers, and postal or email addresses without consent.
  5. Describe or encourage activities that could endanger the safety or well-being of yourself or others.

Anyone who violates this Policy will be banned from this site.